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Academic Representation at UCL is the primary way how feedback is communicated with teaching and professional staff at the university to improve student experience. The Representation and Democracy Team at Students' Union UCL supports the work of Academic Reps, who are elected on Course, Department, and Faculty level.

Academic Representative represent their peers by collecting feedback and bringing it to Student-Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) where issues are discussed with the aim to make positive changes and facilitate continuous student-staff dialogue.

Representation in 2020-21

The most significant challenge faced by students was online learning and the lack of physical interaction. Much of our Academic Reps' work focused on helping students navigate the distant learning environment and communicating their feedback to staff in order to make educational experience better, even under the circumstances of the pandemic.

Key figures

This year we had 1896 Academic Representatives
74% of SSCCs appointed a Lead Department Rep
1086 Academic Reps completed the handover form
1682 Academic Reps completed the training (89%)