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Standing for: BME Network Disabled Students' Representative

Ikeoluwa Adeniji-Fashola

Why are you standing?: 

I am an undergraduate population health student, who is also involved in the LGBT+ network at UCL. Being black and disabled presents a unique intersection of experience which are not often spoke about, especially at UCL.

If elected I will…

Ensure that BME network events more accessible, pushing for accessible venues, virtual events, and accessibility information for all events.

Help build a space for disabled people inside and outside the BME network with socials and events co-run with Disabled Students Network

Ensure that disability support at UCL is attuned to the ethnic and racial diversity of our students.

Standing for: BME Network Postgraduate Representative

Yutong Chen

Why are you standing?: 

I am naturally empathic and thoughtful.

I am passionate but realistic.

I have the experience of being a part of majority group and minority group.

I have the experiences of working as different levels in various campaigns, from the funniest one to the most official one.

I have the education background of humanities and political science, respecting diversity and staying prudent are essential qualities for us. If I can be the representative, even if the worst thing happen, I forget my job, I would pull back ASAP.

Most importantly, I am good at listening and not bad at telling jokes so hopefully you would not feel bored or unhappy when you talk to me.

Priorities would be if elected:

1. Start From Little Things, start from being patient to every person who comes to me.

2. As a BME individual, what we want is equality, happiness and progress rather than pity. I would try my best to carry out this principle.

3. Peace&Love

Manifesto document: 

Anjora Gomes

Why are you standing?: 

My name is Anjora and I am an Ethnic Minority. In the past, being an ‘Ethnic Minority’ would always carry with it something negative. But having lived in the UK for over 8 years, I have been able to use this to my advantage, and now want to share this insight with other BME individuals. Through my work in mental health, I am more aware of the under representation of BME individuals in education, careers as well as social opportunities. BME individuals are not actively sought after for roles in leadership or positions of influence. Being a postgraduate student is also not easy- it brings with it several pressures, time constraints, and the inability to procrastinate as much as you would on an undergraduate degree- life does get tough on the course! It can get that little bit tougher- especially if you are feeling side-lined.

My priorities within this role would be to promote inclusivity (becoming stronger together as a community by incorporating BME in all aspects), to advocate a sense of belonging (research proves that this improves overall outcomes for health), to build resilience (by raising awareness on different issues faced by BME, and what WE can do to tackle them, and to build strong peer support systems) and to promote equal opportunities for all (work, career, university and leadership). And yes, we CAN have all of this!!

I’m going to push harder to ensure that minorities do not feel marginalised and excluded and want to work towards an ...

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: BME Network Publicity Officer

Malaika Fallah

Why are you standing?: 

Now i am in my final year, i really want to immerse myself into the BME Network, as the BME network has been vital to my experience at UCL. I would love to contribute in making future students feel the same. Throughout the year i aim to get as many BME students involved via social media campaign's to promote all the variety of projects and events that will unfold throughout the year! I think i would be the right person for this role, as i am very organised and i am passionate about bringing together as many BME students as possible in order to form an inclusive community of which a large body of students can feel safe at UCL.

Annie Gheasuddin

Why are you standing?: 


Standing for: BME Network Secretary

Paria Nasab

Why are you standing?: 


Standing for: BME Network Social Secretary

Rewayda Abdulahi

Why are you standing?: 

Not gonna lie, I wanted to be Women’s rep but I’m aware Joelle is keen on it. But Social Secretary I’m calm on uptaking this role. I feel like I’ve been around while I was a Freshers and now it’s time to be a part of BME with the beautiful and lovely Samira??

Miski Jimale

Why are you standing?: 

I am currently a 2nd year Chemistry student. I am also the Finance Executive of Women in Finance Society and was last year's 1st Year Representative for BME network. Being part of the BME Network last year; I had great opportunities to host events regarding the pressing issues that effect the BME community such as a very successful Colourism event.

I would love to continue my work in this Network and I believe a role as the social secretary would help me do so. Vote for me!!!

Standing for: BME Network Women's Representative

Farzana Chowdhury

Why are you standing?: 

I am a proud Bengali. A proud Muslim. A proud feminist. As someone who has faced adversity and has felt alienated from society, believing in these positive affirmations has never come easy. You are strong. You are worthy of success. I want to support YOU. My priorities:


Provide more outreach for girls in BME communities, particularly refugees, through a mentor scheme. This will promote participation in academia, leadership and community for a disadvantaged demographic.


Bring BME women’s issues and gender equality at a national and international level to the forefront of conversation at UCL. We can do this by working with student media outlets like Pi Media, as well as bringing in awe-inspiring guest speakers.


I hope to set up support groups for individuals who have become victims of discrimination or just need some extra care so that no one at UCL feels alone.


Individually we are strong, but together we are stronger. I want to work closely with societies such as Gender and Feminism Society and African Caribbean Society to partake in various events and activities focussing upon women empowerment.

Manifesto document: 

Joelle Robinson-Rawdah

Why are you standing?: 

My names Joelle, I’m a third year geography student and this year I'm applying for the role of women's representative. So far I have been helping the BME network organise events and seeing the finished result has been a pleasure. The BME network is holding some amazing events for black history month and I’m honoured to be involved. I am currently organising an art showcasing event for women of colour, a chance for self reflection through painting and to appreciate black artist's work. In the next few months I hope to hold some events in an intimate setting to allow women of colour to speak and connect about any issues they feel they need to share. I hope to be someone that BME women feel comfortable to contact if they need advice or suggestions of what they’d like to see in the BME network.

I plan to organise many more events to bring together women of colour at UCL in the upcoming year. Please vote for me as your women’s representative!

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Disabled Students' Network Campaigns Officer

Vladimir Kalinovskiy

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, my name is Vladimir Kalinovskiy and I am one of the disabled students. Last year I felt that there was inadequate support for students with disabilities, so I strive for the changes and decided to run for the Disabled Students’ Network Campaigns Officer

My scientific background has allowed me to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, which helps me to get to the depths of challenging issues and always look for the most effective solutions.

If elected I would aim to:

• Lead campaigns on raising public awareness of physical and mental disabilities across UCL and help disabled students to integrate into the community

• Install a comprehensive feedback system, so students with disabilities can reflect on their experience

• Develop special training for societies/staff members on supporting disabled students

I strongly believe that these aims will help us, students with disabilities, because proper communication is key for an adequate help. Moreover, many students do not declare disability, because of a fear of discrimination and prejudice, so raising awareness will make environment more welcoming and increase the visibility of disabled students.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to contact me, if you have any questions about my ideas. My

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Disabled Students' Officer

Ikeoluwa Adeniji-Fashola / Kyle Lewis Jordan

Why are you standing?: 

We are both disabled students’ who are passionate and determined to rebuild the Disabled Students’ Network from the grassroots, creating a space where disabled students’ can be heard, visible, and support each other in fighting to break down the barriers we face at university. We will do this by rebuilding the network, supporting relevant campaigns, conducting a survey to determine the needs of disabled students at UCL, and run campaigns that challenge stigma and promote awareness for disabled students and the issues we face on and off campus.

Manifesto document: 
Kyle Lewis Jordan

Syed Haque

Why are you standing?: 

I would love to become Disabled Students Officer as I would like to promote welfare, disability awareness and a more friendlier open campus for a better experience for all students & especially those with disability at UCL. As last year as a fresher, I felt isolated and on campus as there was no sufficient outlet or welfare system in place to help me transition to university as I knew how huge the step it was to adjust to university is a daunting and scary prospect, especially having a disability, fearing more that there will be not enough adequate help or guidance from UCL and Union itself to help me through this transition, therefore having a tough year transitioning into university. Therefore I feel no student on campus especially those with disabilities to not feel this or be judged negatively or underrepresented on campus, therefore working on promoting disability awareness & welfare for a more friendly campus with talks and dedicate weeks to focus to bring such awareness, more services provided to help students on campus & signposts on campus to promote a more open friendlier campus for all.

Anqi Sui

Why are you standing?: 

Hi there, I'm an international disabled student in UCL. I'm the first year student under the department of Statistical Science.

Having had the disability since I was two years old, from feeling embarrassed by it to being an optimist, I sincerely hope that I can devote my passion, honesty and diligence to this position. I'll do my best to represent our disabled students' needs, within UCL and on a London-wide and national level.

Helping others, especially disabled people, is to provide what they truly need and try not to let them feel uncomfortable.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Arts & Humanities (Postgraduate Taught)

Omar Jolil

Why are you standing?: 

If you are searching for an enthusiastic, approachable and vocal representative for our department then I hope to be that person. I have represented many students in the last two years, including making positive changes during my undergraduate days at King's College London, where I was elected as campus representative during my tenure there at the Islamic Society. In this position, I oversaw 5 sub-teams including 2 campaign initiatives, a mental health team, a students politics team and a team called "Acts of Random Kindness".

As MA PPEH representative I would like to be an active representative that voices your opinions and expresses any of the concerns you might have.

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Arts & Humanities (Undergraduate)

Sam Mackley

Why are you standing?: 

Our very own Arts & Humanities events wristband, pizza nights, the opportunity for your voice to be heard by the right people: here are 3 reasons why I hope you vote an approachable and determined guy like me, Sam Mackley (first year BA French and German), as your Faculty Rep:

1) Move aside Medics… It’s Arts & Humanities’ students' time to reign.

Our faculty needs to have the same awesome events as others. I will be closely working with the Student Union and the necessary people to ensure more social events, from an annual boat party to pizza nights and our own wristband for all years!

2) Want more events? Need to discuss something in confidence?

University is no doubt a stressful period. I want to be here not just as an academic representative for all Arts & Humanities' students, but also available on a personal level.

3) I also want to work with staff and students from each sub-department to tackle workloads and assignments. The leaps for first years like me and the following years can be less overwhelming!

If you see me, come say hi!

If you fancy a Dominoes, drop me a line me on Facebook.

Manifesto document: 

Sabastian Astley

Why are you standing?: 

I've always cared about the Arts and Humanities, with my educational path often following that road, and I believe that it is important that the Arts and Humanities are not under-represented, underfunded or under-appreciated. I would dedicate myself to the continual improvement of the department, as well as the specific courses to the best of my abilities; I would also listen to students and their complaints or issues about their courses and attempt to resolve these in as best a way as possible.

Some people have a lack of faith in Arts and Humanities degrees, and I believe I could be the one to change that belief to a more solidified and developed appreciation of their complexity and the importance they hold.

Chun Ngan

Why are you standing?: 

I’ve had experiences in regards to leadership and representation of the student body. These include: head prefect, chair of the student council and of the English Schools Foundation student council, consisting of 7 secondary schools. I feel my involvement in these roles has given me a better grasp of student needs and how to fulfill them.

If elected, as well as performing the inherent responsibilities, I would put an emphasis on the importance of kindness and self-reflection within the faculty. Whether it be students or staff, I firmly believe that at the core of any pursuit of tolerance, equality and a better learning experience, there are the virtues of respect, empathy and compassion. The faculty not only has a duty to provide the academic content, but should strive to enrich the content of one’s moral character. I hope to achieve this through increased communication within the faculty, at a more personal level.

With the same communication, I would further prioritise on the fundamentals of education, the curiosity for the understanding of the world and our place within it. I wish to work towards promoting the arts and humanities, removing the stigmatisation that may deter those who wish to study them.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Research)

Karolina Farrell

Why are you standing?: 

I’m standing to be your faculty representative because I believe that PhD students need to have our voices heard by UCL if we are to improve our education, our work environments and our academic culture.

As a PhD student at the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that PhD students at UCL face. I believe we need greater transparency around our rights and the support that we are entitled to.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been leading workshops for students as part of UCL’s Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment strategy, training people on what sexual harassment is, and what we can do if we see it happening. Postgraduate students are more likely to experience sexual harassment from staff, but are also unlikely to report it, often because they don’t know how, or they are afraid of the consequences.

I want UCL to take postgraduates’ concerns seriously, and I will help to ensure our voices are heard. By empowering and informing postgraduate students, we can make academia safer, more inclusive and more diverse.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)

Anjora Gomes

Why are you standing?: 

Pursuing a postgraduate (PG) degree is exciting and can also be challenging- especially with the lack of support and help around you. In my past experience, students rarely have a say in their education provision. But efforts are now being made to bridge the gap between staff members/stakeholders and students- with the aim to ensure that both staff and students have a mutual goal- valued learning experience. Given that there is a lot to learn- in a limited

If given the opportunity, I would work closely with students, to determine their goals throughout their PG course and to match them with potential outcomes for careers on finishing.

To enable students to access events, conferences and workshops to make learning a little less classroom based, and a lot more experience based, for all PG students especially international students.

To encourage a work life balance- given the pressure and time constraint of a PG degree, taking care of oneself can fall by the wayside. Self-care is paramount and I will ensure there are strategies to stay happy throughout the course; chill out zones, brain sciences socials and resilience building.

Teaching can be spread across the term, leaving students feeling isolated- I would ensure coffee and cake mornings, with a chance to have discussions about topics on the course, to be able to share ups and downs, to invite other ‘research’ cohorts to join in the mental table tennis of ideas!

Finally, to ensure that transition from postgraduate to the outside world ...

Lukia Sofroniou / Lucy Sofroniou

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing for Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Taught) because I am enthusiastic about listening to, communicating and dealing with any issues that may arise, with the aim of improving the postgraduate experience within our faculty. My previous involvement with Queen Mary University of London's SU and my place on the editorial team for the university newspaper has provided me with the skills to engage with the student body and to handle projects and campaigns in an efficient and effective manner. Being a part of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, it is perhaps no surprise that I will place particular focus on student wellness and mental health, considering ways in which the student experience can be the best it can, both personally and educationally.

Thank you.

Lucy Sofroniou

Alexandrina Vasilichi

Why are you standing?: 

Currently studying: MSc, Cognitive and Decision Sciences, PALS

This is my first year at UCL and since enrolling I feel privileged to have already worked as a trainer at the SU delivering Zero Tolerance to Sexual Misconduct workshops to new UG and PGT students. In the past, I was a Student Ambassador for several years and represented the university at HE events where I provided support to prospective students aiming to further their education. I worked as a Community Facilitator for a charity where I responsibly supported young people from challenging backgrounds to develop projects addressing social issues in their community while ensuring their well-being. Moreover, I volunteered in a national United Nations association where I organised events on Human Rights and educated extensively on Gender Inequality.

If elected, I will clearly and effectively communicate your student priorities within the Brain Sciences Faculty. I will use my ability to solve problems in a systematic and determined way to ensure your views and student needs are considered in decisions that benefit your education. My robust sense of responsibility and dynamic personality ensure that I will effectively use my expertise to deliver the goods and get things done.

Manifesto document: 

Guendalina Bonifacio

Why are you standing?: 

I am a Junior Doctor who is currently completing the last year of Distance Learning MSc in Clinical Neurology at Queen Square. I have really enjoyed the program and I would be eager to help others to undertake their Postgraduate Studies in the Brain Sciences field. I feel I have the qualities to mediate between students and the University as I am currently actively involved in a Postgraduate Course at UCL and because I have a part time job which would allow me to dedicate more time to this type of activity. Also, I currently live and work in the UK, however I previously lived and grew abroad (Italy), so I feel I could also express the voice of International Students which are becoming a growing proportion of the student population at UCL.

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Undergraduate)

Son Dang

Why are you standing?: 

• I know we all want positive changes, but are not aware that we all can contribute our ideas.

• I know we all encounter problems in the courses, but do not know who to go to.

• I know we all have needs to be satisfied, but are too afraid to speak up.



• Endowed with the eagerness for improvement and the endeavour for perfection, I want our wishes to be communicated and granted. I want to represent our views, our requirements and our priorities, so that we all receive the best education we deserve.

• Equipped with plentiful social skills, I will make sure you feel comfortable talking to me. Just speak your mind and I guarantee it will be considered for future changes.

• Gifted with the ability to actively listen to other people, I was elected as the class representative in my A Level year. I know what the duties are and I am committed to them.

We have the power to make changes happen! Put your trust in me, and I can make your vision come true.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Engineering (Postgraduate Taught)

Abbas Ali

Why are you standing?: 

If you are searching for an enthusiastic, approachable and vocal representative for our faculty then I hope to be that person. I have represented many students in the last three years, including making positive changes during my undergraduate days and most recently, the UCL Entrepreneurship MSc class in 2017. In this position, I mediated with the programme directors and tutors to fine tune the delivery and improve our student experience. This was done, amongst others, by providing feedback on the programme content, suggesting ideas for future development in both the programme and student life, consulting with employers and academics on the design of the programme.

This year, I promise to represent my faculty in a number of ways;

- Creation of an efficient communication platform to resolve all issues however small, regarding assignments, course supervisors, managing workload and stress, or the influence of personal pressure on academic success.

- Organise attendance to lectures beyond the curriculum (which I’m currently organising), collaboration and networking drives innovation and will give us insight into our present projects and potential work we would like to take up in the future.

- Ensure guidelines and marking schemes for assessments and coursework’s are clear, concise and consistent across the various departments, especially closer to exam times.

- Text book costs are subsidised where possible.

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Engineering (Undergraduate)

Tianyi Wang

Why are you standing?: 

Hello all!

My name is Tianyi Wang and I am running for the year rep of our engineering faculty. Being new to London myself, I am very willing to help other fellow students to face the challenges the new environment brings. And I believe my will of helping you guys can be supported by my communicational and organisational skills acquired from my previous experience.(You can read more about me in my manifesto!)

My priority for this year would first be to create a online forum for students in our faculty to put forward and discuss their problems 24/7, allowing me to frequently check on the needs of our students community and effectively reflect them to the university. I will ensure that all lecture materials to be uploaded on time for people who find lectures difficult to follow. I will also try my best to provide many opportunities for people to connect with each other in our faculty, where lots of people with the same goals can be found, befriended, and become parts of your networks. But most importantly, I will constantly listening to your opinions and ideas, making sure that your voices are heard and actions will be taken.

Manifesto document: 

Ammar Chughtai

Why are you standing?: 

Hey, I’m Ammar Chughtai, a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student hoping to be your next Engineering Faculty Representative! Having spent two years here, in one of the largest Engineering departments at UCL, I feel that I’ve developed the necessary knowledge, skills and contacts to take your ideas, suggestions and concerns, present them to UCL as one coherent voice, and work for a higher-quality, more student-centric education than the one we currently receive!

UCL is lacking when it comes to student satisfaction. Our student satisfaction scores in the NSS are shockingly low for a global top-10 university. We need to come together as one student voice and raise our concerns in a unified, coherent manner, that clearly demonstrates to UCL that we, as students, are deserving of more!

UCL Engineering is arguably one of the most populous Faculties on campus, with thousands of students to boot. We have a longstanding reputation within the global Engineering community, yet the current standard of educational provision within engineering at UCL doesn’t match up to this historic reputation. We should come together as students to present our ideas to the Department and push for their implementation. I'm ready for change, are you?

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Laws (Undergraduate)

Deniz Akinci

Why are you standing?: 

I will be an active representative, constantly speaking to people and making it easy for people to reach me with their concerns. Not only I will do my best to represent your academic concerns to the faculty, but I will also do my best to represent you and your wishes in Union Council.

The time commitment is no issue for me and I can focus on the job.

I have experience representing my class in high school, and I am known for the hard stance I take on students behalf when there is a disagreement with the faculty.

Dana Samatar

Why are you standing?: 

If elected as your Faculty Representative, I will ensure that every Law student's suggestions are discussed with Faculty staff and the Students' Union. As a BME student, I recognise the importance of representation and the importance of having your views heard. Being outgoing and results-oriented means I will be sure to bring about change in areas Law students care about.

At the forefront of my election campaign is to make sure that each Law student is comfortable with their Personal Tutor, able to go to them with concerns and benefits from meetings with them. Alongside this I aim to achieve the introduction of guidance counsellors or career mentors, especially through first year, to aid in carving out a career path. I will be suggesting more skills-based introductory lectures for first years, for example, tips on how to read material effectively and extract information from cases. One of my main goals as Faculty Representative is to draw more attention on taking care of mental health and stress levels whilst studying Law. Although exam timetables were released earlier in 2018, some Law students believe it would be beneficial to receive exam timetables in early Term 2, which I aim to achieve.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Life Sciences (Postgraduate Research)

Richard Somervail

Why are you standing?: 

I'm a third-year PhD student in the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology. I've been in the Faculty of Life Sciences since I started undergrad in 2013, so I know it very well!

I’m standing because student rep positions need determined people who care about making changes that benefit students. I will work to make sure student voices are represented in faculty meetings.

I've also taken active roles in numerous campaigns to directly improve student quality of life at UCL, including:

- Fair Pay For TA’s – last year we started work to ensure that departments pay graduate teaching assistants fairly for their work

- UCL: Fund Our Mental Health Services, which last year won £140k of extra funding to reduce waiting times in the student counselling service

- UCL: Cut the Rent – which has won over £1.2million in rent reductions and compensation

- UCL: Stop Policing International Students – we put pressure on UCL to stop implementing changes to VISA checks that were starting to disrupt the lives of many international research students, drawing national media attention

If you want a rep who will tangibly improve student quality of life – vote for me!

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Life Sciences (Undergraduate)

Valeriia Shreiber

Why are you standing?: 

Hi everyone! My name is Valerie and I am a second-year Biotechnology student thrilled by the opportunity to become your next Life Sciences Faculty Rep. I am running for this role because I have always found it particularly rewarding when people come to me with a problem or an idea and I am able to implement it for the benefit of them and everybody else. If you vote for me, I would love to use my knowledge and passion to make your experience at UCL as pleasant and fulfilling as possible!

Manifesto document: 

Daria Ialiukhova

Why are you standing?: 

I was always interested in changes and innovations. Especially in those which can help my course, faculty and university achieve greater academic and social goals.

I strongly believe that each year should bring some positive changes to the life of students and I will be glad to help people from different faculties, countries and backgrounds bring something new to our community.

Abdul Halim

Why are you standing?: 

Representing the views of the people is not something that should be taken lightly. From working as a Mentor to leading in community projects I understand how important it is that ones concerns are brought to attention and helped however possible. Being a passionate student I understand the many struggles and concerns that we face and I will strive to make it be heard.

I pledge to undertake the following for my life science colleagues:

- To ensure that all lectures are uploaded in a suitable time frame so that we can revisit lectures whilst they are fresh in our minds.

- Encouragement of intercalation of students in the Faculty of Life Sciences.

- Have more seminars and workshops about the different opportunities we have in terms of research and careers.

- Giving all students including those with learning disabilities alternative ways they could approach their studies.

Tong Gao

Why are you standing?: 

To be a good leader, one must first be willing to sacrifice themselves for the better of the community. To give up time and energy to put in the work, and this is what I want to stand for as the faculty rep for life sciences undergraduate. I've known for quite a long time that my passion and interests lay in the science field, and to be able to learn more about it in such a diverse and multidimensional university is a privilege. Having grown up in three different cities- Johannesburg, Melbourne and Shanghai, I've known how to appreciate and work with differences my whole life. I've also had lots of previous experiences working with a big group of personalities, such as being the international captain and part of the student leadership team in my high school in Australia. If I am successful in this running, I would like to leverage from these past opportunities and try my best to ensure positive communication between the faculty and the student group. I believe that, in one of the most open-minded universities in the world, everyone aims to be a better version of themselves. These aspirations are what will constantly improve our learning environments, and continue to motivate students to learn from each other.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (Postgraduate Research)

Omar Jahangir

Why are you standing?: 

To make a difference for PhD students as well as the entire student body to enhance their experience whilst at university.

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (Postgraduate Taught)

Lloyd Kelly

Why are you standing?: 

My top priority will be to open up a dialogue between staff and students. I will be easily contactable via Email and Facebook for everyone in the faculty. I will make sure you don’t waste time trying to find and contact specific staff members.

I have experience in dealing with student-staff communication, and making degree-wide change. As an undergraduate I played a significant role in discussing and fixing issues within the programme, such as a lack of opportunities for group study. The department has now reformed to make group projects an integral part of the course.

I believe we should be provided with the correct tools to study: lecture theatres which meet the needs of the teaching, easy access to any resources required, and sufficient study space within the university for physics postgraduates - particularly around exam time and project deadlines. These are a few of the key areas that I would focus on improving as your faculty representative.

Andreas Weinzierl

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, my name is Andy and I’m running for the position as a representative for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences faculty! I study here at UCL Technology Management, am 24 years old and was born in Munich, Germany. I founded two small start-ups and am still working intensively on one of them. I have also worked in Germany and the USA for large corporations such as BMW, Porsche, Fraunhofer and Allianz. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Logistics Engineering and Management. I want to combine the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Science with a spirit of entrepreneurship. Events or competitions on business ideas with a thematic reference would be an exciting thing to do. Otherwise my election program is intentionally empty. This is not about me, rather about all the students of this faculty. If you elect me as your representative, I will read your wishes and we will agree on the agenda together.

Manifesto document: 

Jiayu Yin

Why are you standing?: 

I would like to bring your opinion of how things are to the attention of those who can do something about it. I value honesty over courtesy so if something isn’t right then I will be upfront in bringing any and all issues up, wether it’s yours, your friends’ or even my own. Please feel free to approach me with any feedback no matter how formal or informal a way in which you decide to do it. I also know how to speak Chinese mandarin should any students from China wish to confide their thoughts and views about their course with me in the comfort of their own language! Studying a postgraduate degree is a huge investment in yourself and I want to help you be able to get the most worth out of it!

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (Undergraduate

Xiaobo Ma

Why are you standing?: 

I would like to talk about my personal experience that I have studied Applied Mathematics in a university in China for 2 years before transferring to UCL. Having joined in one-year Buddy Program (similar to UCL Transition Programme) and self-employed as a personal Math module tutor for 6 peer students, I was always keen to help others achieve academic improvements and make the most of university’s resource with carefulness and patience.

Sometimes I compare the great journey in UCL with my previous university life. UCL has created a liberal and diverse environment for everyone while still there is a lot remaining to improve. I wish that all the voice from our faculty can be heard and anything that benefits students’ priorities can be promoted in the committee. If I could be elected for our faculty representative, I would do my best to push forward:

• faculty welcoming activities in induction week

• career talks and networking events

• speeches and panels held by senior faculty students about course selections

• better study space availability for our faculty undergraduates

• regular survey in forms of online questionnaires about students’ experience on lectures, coursework and tutorials etc.

• anything else that you want to improve!

Maximilian Richards

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing because I have a passion for helping others and seeing improvement in areas that I dedicate myself too. I've been a student in the faculty for nearly 3 years, and have been involved in a range of department lead activities, which has helped me enormously in the past years - and i'd love to take any opportunity to give something back.

Espen Bergqvist

Why are you standing?: 

I understand that all students have to juggle between societies, homework and a healthy social life. I want to take pressure off my fellow course-mates and help them communicate with the department without them having to go through the panic inducing process of sending nerve-racking emails to professors who increasingly grow annoyed with our combined incompetence.

Furthermore, I have a long history of public speaking and have practiced debate since 7th grade winning multiple awards in international competitions. This experience will aid me as I will argue on behalf of the students, and will ensure that our views are heard and respected by department.

I believe that I am the best fit for this position not only because of my experience in debates and public speaking but also due my ability to remain organised and committed to many extracurricular activities at the same time. If elected, this would become my top priority and I would not let myself and all of you down. Our voices will be heard.

Nikolai Juraschko

Why are you standing?: 

Over the years UCL seems to have forgotten that students are what makes up this university!

As your representative I want to work with the faculty to prioritize students again.

- Teaching spaces like the Royal National Hotel aren’t sufficiently equipped, and despite that some departments still make use of them causing regular complaints from us students. Therefore, we need a faculty wide decision on suitable spaces.

- I will endeavour to represent your ideas and concerns to the faculty and Union to produce solutions to make your university experience what you would expect it to be, e.g. keep working towards proper feedback on all your coursework.

- I will also make sure that your opinions about module selection and exam venues for example are being considered on the Union Council.

Having worked as a Maths Department StAR I am familiar with the universities structure. One thing I noticed is that information doesn´t get passed on from representatives to the students very well.

- That´s why I want to establish a more efficient system via which important information actually reaches you, giving you more possibilities.

To do all this, I need YOUR vote!

Manifesto document: 

Sulayman Desai

Why are you standing?: 

As a friendly, open and dedicated member of the Maths and Physical Sciences department, I am a natural fit for the role of Faculty Representative for our department. During my A-Level studies, I gained the role of student-leader for my cohort, in an effort to increase the student experience within the institution. Speaking up on the effectiveness of lessons and the timetabling approach of the school with the heads of department and sixth form led to a more positive and independent teaching style, focused on attaining the highest grades, and a more organised timetable to allow for the self-development of individuals.

My pledge to my fellow members of the Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty is to:

• Ensure all lecturers make use of LectureCast to a high standard so students can re-watch and reflect on any missed points in lectures.

• Campaign against the use of the ExCel Arena for summer exams after many complaints of loud noise from plane fly-overs.

• Encourage students and tutors to gain a closer working relationship so students have someone to speak to about their well-being and the steps of moving on from university.

• Ensure students get to make the most of their time at UCL!

Ayman Benmati

Why are you standing?: 

I recognize being a voice for the student body is no small feat. Such a role requires one to be ambitious, capable and approachable. I believe I am well equipped to fulfill this role and I intend to support the interests of all MAPS students. Through my tenure as manager at an education company in London, I learnt how be innovative and flexible, and liaised between different groups to form effective relationships, e.g. I improved the accessibility of the course to dyslexic students by working with both their parents and higher management. I hope to utilise these skills to be an effective faculty representative.

This year, I will ensure:

1. Lecture notes are reviewed yearly and are comprehensive and clear.

2. Text book costs are subsidised where possible.

3. All coursework to be returned to students within 14 days.

4. LectureCast is utilized by all teaching staff where possible.

5. All lectures and exams are held in suitable venues.

Representing the interests and views of my MAPS peers would be a privilege - I promise to endeavor to support all MAPS students during their time at UCL, and to ensure they receive the enjoyable, holistic and valuable experience students deserve.

Yanqi Cheng

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, I am Joy, I enjoy helping for school affairs and really want to get involved in our department development.

The reason why I think I am suitable for the role is that I will be very responsible for the duty which been assigned to me and got the experience of gathering suggestions and communicating between school and us from being a member of several school councils in my previous college. Besides this, I am an easy-going person so I am sure that we will have good communication about our course and study experiences.

If I got the position of being the Rep in our faculty, I would treasure this opportunity and try my best to voice your opinions and suggestions!

So please vote for me :) :) :)

Manifesto document: 


Why are you standing?: 

I am Evelyn, the first-year of undergraduate studying Mathematics and Statistics science. I am really willing to try my best to give suggestions to our tutors, in order to make our department better. My main focus, if elected, would go towards obtaining advice and holding more activities about Mathematics. Also, I would make our common room a better environment, a more convenient place for students.With your input, I would work in collaboration with department to address issues and enact proposed changes, making sure that matters are settled in a timely fashion.

I am looking forward to be the academic student representative and I will be here to hear your thoughts. Have a great year with you guys!

Manifesto document: 

Ulkar Aligulova

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing because I believe that students' views and opinions about their faculty should be treated with utmost importance since it is the university's primary duty to make sure their students' experiences are as positive as possible. For this to be the case it is crucial that their voices are heard and taken into account. If elected, I will make it my priority to get to know and talk to as many students in my faculty as possible to get the most accurate representation of their needs and feelings in order to bring those up with the staff in the faculty and the Union. I will deal with some of the big issues, such as lectures being held in unsuitable rooms instead of lecture halls, the need to lecturecast all the lectures and creating more study spaces for students. But I also believe there are no issues too small to consider and feel that every single student's voice deserves to be heard. I will work hard to ensure no student feels left out of the conversation so that together we make positive changes in the faculty.

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Medical Sciences (Postgraduate Research)

Roxanna Zakeri / Judith Pape

Why are you standing?: 

We would like to stand for Faculty Representative Postgraduate Research for the Faculty of Medical Sciences this year to continue our work from last academic year.

Who are we?

Judith has taken the traditional academic route of BSc, MRes and then PhD whilst Roxanna is a surgeon who has come into research during her training to complete a PhD. We feel that together we can represent the wide range of students in the Faculty, covering the needs of both scientists and clinicians, early and late year students, and work together to implement change for causes most applicable to you.

What changes do we want?

We have made significant progress with campaigning for more regular and punctual stipend payments, more frequent PhD inductions throughout the year, and helping to create PhD Supervisor-Student contracts. We would love the opportunity to continue campaigning for recognition and payment for PGR students for the hours spent supervising undergraduate and postgrad taught course students, including lab-based supervision. We want PGR students to be increasingly valued as members of the Faculty and have successfully worked with Faculty committee to gain funding for PGR student networking and social events. We promise we will work hard to make this year as fun and collaborative as possible!

Judith Pape

Standing for: Faculty Rep for Medical Sciences (Undergraduate)

Dilen Parmar

Why are you standing?: 

UCL’s Faculty of Medical Sciences is renowned for its medical education and its strengths as a global powerhouse for pioneering research and innovation. As Representative for Medical Sciences, I will strive for the dynamic enhancement of each of the 60+ programmes hosted by the faculty via effective and transparent discussion of course affairs with academic representatives, followed by negotiation of concerns on behalf of my peers at the faculty level. Through my roles as a Representative for Education in the first two years of my course, and later, a Lead Department Representative for the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, I have developed the qualities necessary to truly advocate the student voice and will continue to do this by attending faculty committee meetings, liaising with staff within the faculty and collaborating with the Students’ Union to communicate all arising issues and feedback on all changes. I wish to develop a strong rapport between academic staff and students to ensure that we evolve as a faculty and provide a seamless and inspiring educational experience to students across every stream, thus continuing to produce world-class graduates in the medical sciences.

Mohammed Islam / Mohammed Islam

Why are you standing?: 

Being a student with the ability to resourcefully achieve solutions to both academic and non-academic problems and set backs makes me the perfect candidate for this position. Having continually worked on my ability to communicate effectively to both smaller and larger audiences, while understanding and distinguishing between what is the perfect solution and what solution is current and practical gives me aptitude to not only strive for a long term solution or a goal but also a current and practical resolution for the short term stint to improve the experience of the individuals that have brought the question up in the first place. Amongst all the striving and struggling for better experience I also believe my fellow faculty mates should be encouraged to engage and use the facilities and applications that work and are improved to be both appreciative of the good there is but also to understand and realize those services that are not up to the standard when it may come across as to be of the right standard in the short term. Optimistic in nature but also patient as an individual as not all things have a quick fix makes me the perfect candidate for this position.

Manifesto document: 
Mohammed Islam