Students’ Union UCL is an inspiring organisation that is committed to providing a fantastic experience to the 48,000 students at UCL (University College London). We aim to give our students a transformative experience whilst studying at the University, supporting them to navigate the challenges of university life and empowering them to be exceptional leaders in their future lives and careers.

We are currently experiencing a period of rapid growth and renewal.  We have an exciting new vision to become one of the best student organisations in the world.  As a charity we employ over 80 full-time staff and deliver a wide range of services and representative functions for students.

We are looking for an external trustee who is a current UCL staff member.

You will be a resourceful, determined and committed individual who will help the Board of Trustees to continue to improve the services that we provide for our members.  The right candidate will be a strong communicator who feels passionately about effective student leadership at UCL and can share their experience and skills to support and empower our elected student leaders to help make us an even more effective and dynamic charity for the future.

To help to ensure a strong range of skills on our Board, we are looking for candidates that have solid experience of financial and budget management, as well as a broad understanding of strategic management and governance.  This could have been gained in an academic role, in the professional services, or via membership of an external board or similar role.

We welcome applications from the UCL staff community, in particular those with strong financial and/or budgetary management experience and expertise.  So long as you are a current member of UCL staff then, this is the ideal opportunity for you.  

Should you wish to have an informal chat about this opportunity please contact Simon To, Secretary to the Board of Trustees. You can also find further information in our Recruitment Pack which you can access here.

How do I apply?

Application is by CV and Personal Statement.  We also require you to fill out a diversity monitoring form. 

Please submit your CV, personal statement and diversity monitoring form to [email protected] by 10:00am on Monday 1 November 2021.

In your application, it is important to emphasise any knowledge, skills or experience that you may have gained through employment, in your studies or voluntary activities. Details of the skills required for the role can be found in the Trustee Recruitment Pack above. It is particularly important to highlight issues related to:

  • Your passion for the Union and what we aim to achieve.
  • Financial and/or budgetary management experience and expertise.

When completing the application please bear in mind the following:

  • The information you provide will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will therefore will be used and stored for selection and diversity monitoring purposes. 

  • In submitting the application you are agreeing that we may check any of the details you have provided. 

  • Providing incorrect information or omitting or concealing any relevant facts may result either in disqualification from the selection process or, where the discovery is made after appointment, in removal. 

  • Trustees are required to sign a declaration of eligibility and to declare relevant interests upon appointment.