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Opportunity: Mental Health Champions

As a Champion/ambassador you can get involved on behalf of your place of work, study or within your community. We have four main types of Mental Well-being Champions activities

1) Work-based Champions
2) Outreach Champions
3) Community Champions
4) Support Champions

Opportunity: Befriender/Champion

We are looking for volunteers to act as befrienders for two of our Services.

Friendship Network: our network of befrienders visit older isolated people in North Islington for a chat and some company.

Stroke Project: our befrienders (Stroke Champions) specifically visit people who have suffered a stroke, to alleviate their isolation and help them with practical issues. They can also attend our Stroke Club on a Friday morning.

Opportunity: Receptionist

To support our Centre Manager and Admin Assistant with the smooth running of our central administration team which also provides a Reception service for the many organisations housed within our centre.

Opportunity: Stroke Champions Programme Outreach Volunteer

To establish and maintain befriending relationships with stroke survivors.