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We spoke to Alexi about what it’s like to be working at the Union. Currently, he works at the Institute Bar and has been for the last two years. Here’s what he had to say. 

Hi, Alexi, tell us a bit about yourself 

Hi, I’m a third-year History, Politics and Economics student from Fulham. I’m nearly at the end of my time at UCL and I’ve been here at the bars for nearly two years.  

How did you find out about this job?  

I had a job in my first year, at GBK, but I really didn’t like it. It was very long hours and I found it hard to balance with university.  

I found out about working at the Students’ Union because I always used to drink and study in Phineas bar, becoming friends with one of their old bar staff. It seemed like a really fun place to work in, so I asked Ben (the bar staff at the time) when they were hiring. He told me when applications were open and it just went from there. 

Why did you apply? 

I had worked in bars before and I really wanted to work in a bar again. All the Union bars all look like a great scene to work in, especially because they’re on campus. I thought it would be nice and really fun to be working on campus with fun people and fun students and the Union looks after you. You also don’t get this much pay elsewhere!  

What’s so special about working at the Union?  

I love working at the Institute.  I’ve worked for about six years in different restaurant environments and I’ve never had a better working environment than at the Institute Bar. The people you work with are some of my best, best, best friends. Equally, what I really like about this bar is that it’s a proper London pub. You tend to get quite a few regulars and you become friends with them and it creates a really nice dynamic between the student staff and the customers, giving the whole place this really nice vibe. Everyone is very fun, very chilled and very good friends.  

I’ve worked in lots of different bars and restaurants and this is by far the best working atmosphere, group atmosphere, staff and clientele relationship and it’s a fantastic place to work.  

What will you miss after you finish working here?  

When I move on, I will miss the friends I made. After two years, this is the longest job I’ve had and I’ve made some fantastic friends. I’ll miss working with them when I’m not here. 99.9% of the time I look forward to working, working with the people here, people that I know and like. The fun we have, the interactions we have, the friendships I’ve made here. It’s been a fantastic job to have.  

Interested in working for the Union yourself?

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