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I am excited to announce that UCL has taken a stand against bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct by launching ‘FULL STOP’. Full stop is a campaign aimed at challenging unacceptable behaviour through promoting inclusive and positive behaviours amongst students and staff. It’s about exploring the blurred lines, professional boundaries and misuse of power whilst providing targeted intervention and prevention work. Whilst the focus is on institutional efforts, the campaign will ensure that everyone plays an active role in shaping an inclusive and welcoming environment at UCL.

From this week, there is now a new online reporting tool, ‘Report and Support’ for both staff and students at UCL.

The Full Stop campaign will be informing staff and students of what constitutes as bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct whilst ensuring there is an explicit link between inclusive behaviour and academic attainment. Additionally, it will encourage and promote respectful working and learning relationships by outlining professional standards and boundaries.

To support this campaign, UCL is launching its ‘Report and Support’ site.  As underreporting is a significant challenge, Report and Support is a proactive approach by UCL to address behavioural concerns whereby advice and support is available for those affected. Staff and students can access this site and can either ‘report anonymously’ or ‘contact an advisor’, providing effective support and options for resolution.

The Union’s Advice Service is also another avenue students and staff can use should they wish to report to a place Independent from UCL. Through the Advice Service, we have our very own Hate Crime Reporting Centre which is an option for those who wish to seek support, advocacy or advice. You can also report anonymously should individuals prefer to do so. Once it’s reported, our Welfare Advisors will be ready to help in any way they can.

We know that UCL has not always addressed these issues as well as it could, but the Full Stop campaign is a step in the right direction in showing their commitment against bullying, harassment and sexual misconducts. This campaign is a chance to promote and create an inclusive and safe environment for staff and students so that they are able to thrive in all that they do.  

As part of the review process, UCL wants to consult with students on some of the proposed changes and get your feedback. Sign up to a focus group to have your say on UCL’s policies and procedures. 

Rothna Akhtar, Welfare and International Officer