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Welcome to the UCL Hate Crime Reporting Centre. 

This is a platform for UCL students and staff to report incidences of hate crime. They don’t have to have happened on campus, but should involve a UCL student or staff member.

A hate crime is defined as any crime committed against a person because of, either their disability, gender, sexual identity, race or religion. This isn’t always physical violence. It could be someone using offensive language towards you or harassing you. It could be posting abusive or offensive messages about you online. All based on your identity or their perception of it.

Three ways to report


If you want to make us aware of an incident that you have experienced or witnessed, you can submit it below. Either anonymously, or with your details, if you’d like follow up advice or support.

In person

If you’d like to talk face-to-face with one of our advisers about an incident, next steps or the aftermath of an incident, you can make an appointment with our Advice Service here.

To a third party

It’s important that you get the support that best suits you. We have put together a list of resources for you to choose from if you decide you’d prefer not to report through the Union.

What happens to my report?

This can depend on you. If you would like us to follow up with you and offer further support, we can. This may be directing you to help resources, helping you contact the police, or simply listening to you. 

However, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, or for there to be no further action, your report is still very important. Reporting these crimes helps us get a truer reflection of the hate crimes being committed in the UK. All reports are fed into national statistics and can provide evidence for change on a government level. It also means that we can spot any dangerous patterns in behaviour at UCL more specifically, and work with UCL to address the issues based on data. 

Your details
Whether or not you want to give your details is completely up to you. If you think you might need us to follow up to provide additional support (such as applying for extenuating circumstances or helping you contact the police), you can leave your contact details here and they will remain anonymous within the confines of our Advice Service. If you don't want to supply your details, just leave the boxes below, blank.
About the incident
Please tell us about the incident in your own words, including details such as how many people were involved, where it took place, if there were any witnesses and any actions taken. The more information you can provide, the better.