Women’s Network

The network stands for bettering women students’ life at UCL- be it tackling sexual/racial harassment and bullying on campus, ending period poverty and shame, women student mentoring by staff, raising issues of women’s suffering worldwide, improving classroom/group work experience for women students in male-dominated fields, body-positivity, among all others. You are the voice. You shape what the network does.

The Women’s Network (WN) is a safe space for self-defining women students to discuss issues around gender, and how it intersects with sexuality, race and disability. The WN runs many campaigns throughout the year, on topics ranging from sexual harassment to abortion rights. These campaigns are organised at the regular Women’s Forums, which all self-defining women are invited to attend. The WN runs a wide range of events and socials, all of which offer students the chance to meet fellow feminists.

The Women’s Network is open to all who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.

The network’s lifeline is its members. The members come together to celebrate women/non-binary community at UCL- their achievements and plans for improvement, discuss issues they face, raise important questions UCL should be addressing, and work with other clubs and societies or external partners to organise events focussing on women (and non-binaries) and their well-being.

The Women's Network structure

Women's Officers Jade and Priya lead the network, and work with the core committee of the network. You can contact them here-

[email protected]

Find out more about Jade and Priya and get in touch

The Committee is a group of self-defining women students who steer the network's functioning.

The Network is overseen by the Equity Officer, one of the Union's 6 full-time Sabbatical Officers.

How is it run?

The Women’s Network holds regular forums which are chaired by the full-time Women’s Officer and it’s at these meetings that women students are able to pass policy and decide on the campaigns and events that the Network runs. These forums are open to all self-defining women students, even if they’ve never been to a Women’s Network event before, and at the beginning of each meeting there will be an accountability session where women students will have the opportunity to question the Women’s Officer on what they’ve been working on.

At the forum, the members of the Network may decide to take policy to the decision-making body of the Union, the Students’ Union UCL Council. If policy is passed at Council then it is adopted by the Union as a whole.

The network is governed by a constitution which is voted on annually by the members of the network and offers further detail on how the Women’s Network is run.

How can I get involved?

The Network aims to give women students the support and the resources they need to run their own campaigns and events, so if you have an idea then you can come along to the forum or get in touch  with the Women’s Officer. You can also join the Facebook group .  

The Women’s Network is supported by a committee of part-time volunteer representatives.

Contact Information

You can join the Women’s Network Facebook group here 

Email Jade and Priya