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Students Union UCL are running 3 focus groups over March to learn from students about your educational experience and how you can be better supported. This focus group will focus on disabled students' educational experiences at UCL and how they can be improved. The aim is to help identify what changes departments and UCL can implement to better support disabled students academically.

The focus group will be facilitated by a member of the Unions policy team. If you have opinions on this topic please join the focus group and make your voice heard!

All participants will receive a £15 voucher. This focus group is open to all disabled students at UCL. There are a maximum of 10 slots available.

Everything said in each focus group is completely confidential. The findings from each group, which will be presented anonymously, will feed directly into the upcoming Priorities for Education report 2024. The report makes recommendations to UCL on how UCL can improve students’ educational experience. By taking part in the focus group you will help directly shape these priorities.

If you have any questions please email a member of our policy team: [email protected]

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly