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Thomas Middleton’s ‘A Yorkshire Tragedy’ is a timeless tale of abuse, family, and wine. The play serves as a warning that domestic abuse must never be overlooked, as although cuts may heal, the mind may not.

The story centres around a married couple ,known only as ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’, as the husband’s obsessive gambling and alcoholism leads him to greater and greater acts of cruelty towards his spouse. Whilst the duty bound wife clings on to her man of the past, the master of the local college reveals that the husband’s wise and beloved brother has been imprisoned for his gambling debts. The shock of this revelation triggers a fit of rage which leads him to desire nothing more than to end his own bloodline.

Trigger warnings: murder, death, threats, violence with and without weapons, references to sex, implied sexual violence, mild physical intimacy, sudden loud noises.

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly