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Thank you for signing up to the Project Active 5-aside Football Social League (Monday) - Team Entry

Key Details:

League Day: Monday

Start Date: 22/01/24

End Date: 18/03/24

Time: 17:00 - 18:30 

Venue: Somers Town

Address: Somers Town Community Sports Centre, 134 Chalton St, London NW1 1RX

Please Email [email protected] your team sheet including full names, UPI and university emails of all participants in your team.


To follow your progress during the league and your fixtures and look at the leader board please download the PlayWaze App, create an account, and join the UCL Active community.
Once all players have created their accounts, please let us know, and we will add everyone to their team. Please note that being a member of the "UCL Active” Playwaze platform is compulsory. We will verify every player has an account before the first match can start.


Each Thursday, two matches will take place. The first will kick off at 18:30, and the second at 19:15. Both games will be 45 minutes, with 20 minutes halves.
You will receive an email weekly regarding your team’s fixture, one week before the matches.
Please make sure you are aware of when your team is playing. You do not need to come to the session if your team is not included in the weekly fixture.


We look forward to seeing you there!
Best wishes,

The Project Active Team

Term 2

This page contains the entry product for the Project Active 5-aside Football Social League which will be held on Monday from 17:00 - 18:30 every week. 

Join our Social League Football and choose the entry option that suits you best – whether you're a team player or flying solo, we've got you covered!

Team Entry: Gather your squad of student athletes and enter as a team. Teams must consist of a minimum of 5 players and can have up to 8 members. As the captain, it's your responsibility to ensure all your team members are registered. So, rally your classmates, friends, or dorm buddies and let's hit the pitch together!

Individual Entry: If you're flying solo or don't have a full team, no worries! Our Individual Entry option allows you to join the action. We'll carefully place you into teams with fellow players, and you'll stay with your new squad for the entire season. If you're bringing a friend along and want to be on the same team, shoot us an email in advance, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. Please note that team availability for individual entries is subject to availability, as teams may already be formed.

Whichever entry option you choose, you're in for an exciting season of social league football. Lace up those boots, make memories on the field, and let's kick off the fun!

If you have any questions, please contact Project Active at [email protected]