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Fulham Good Neighbours
Since 1966 Fulham Good Neighbours has supported older and disabled people in their homes and gardens, community and at our community centre, and now online.In 2019 we received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.Our projects aim to:• Tackle older people's concerns raised in 2019 local Older People’s Commission (LBHF). These related mainly to: 1. access to services; 2. loneliness and…
Idea for research
Idea for research
This research aims to compile evidence on the transformative effects of a befriending scheme on older adults (OAs). The study confronts the urgent societal challenge posed by population aging and the consequent issues, with a specific focus on addressing social isolation among OAs. Emphasizing the significance of nurturing social participation and connectivity, the research seeks to highlight the role these factors play in enabling older adults to maintain their integral place in society.

Our objective is to capture the nuanced perspectives of both volunteer and OA’s involved in the befriending scheme, capturing their insights and experiences throughout the process and the possible impacts it has on their lives. The research aspires to serve as a valuable tool for enhancing the overall service, benefitting both the volunteers and the beneficiaries involved.
Impact of idea
The research outcomes will have significant implications for the community and Fulham Good Neighbours (FGN), as they may be helpful for FGN in shaping and enhancing their project by providing research-based evidence for future funding applications, appeals, and lobbying efforts in support of digital inclusion initiatives for the elderly. Your research will be a valuable tool for enhancing our services and, ultimately, contributing to the creation of healthier, more inclusive communities.
Fulham Good Neighbours may help student recruit interviewees.

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Application process
Application criteria
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DBS needed
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