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Thames Reach
Thames Reach's mission is to help homeless and vulnerable men and women to find decent homes, build supportive relationships and lead fulfilling lives. 
Idea for research
Idea for research
Thames Reach works directly with homeless people and rough sleepers and works hard to stop vulnerable people from becoming homeless. This idea is about digital skills. We have given phones out to clients - 60 phones were given out in January 2021. We want to know what difference this made and carry out some research in this space. For example: what impact has there been to handing out phones? How did this change peoples life? Did they improve digitally - get a job? connect with family?
We have thought about interviews, testimonies, surveys. We wondered if working with a research student could lead to more honest feedback possibly than if we did it ourselves?
We did a survey of clients around digital skills of 700 people (did they need a lot, a little, or no help with digital skills).

We hoped the results might help us find the levels and kinds of real need. The kind of things we are thinking about...
barriers - we find these out to in great detail
smartphones V laptops
are staff a barrier - no time to refer clients for support
volunteers how they can help?
do we need to do this in costa? a community group? a temple?

We have also been thinking about equality - how does this affect this research? Around disability and ethnicity for example.

Impact of idea
The impact of co-designing a project along these lines would be feeding into our need to access funding. As well as better links with partners to support our work.
Application process
Application criteria
We welcome students who speak a second language as this might be useful when interviewing clients
Good digital knowledge would be a plus
DBS needed
Don't know
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?