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Cody Dock
One of London's most exciting creative spaces, Cody Dock provides a gateway to the Lea River Park and is home to a gallery, gardens, cafe & bar that make this the perfect pit stop for exploring The Line Sculpture trail and Lower Lea River.  We'd love to hear from any UCL students who'd like to volunteer with us.
Idea for research
Idea for research
Cody Dock is a charitable ecological and creative arts and industries hub situated in Newham, along the river Lea. Situated in a rapidly expanding urban environment, providing an evidence-based approach to ecology conservation, and strengthening relationships with service users and the local community through ongoing engagement work are core objectives of the organisation. A recent initial monitoring study has indicated that the site and its environs is home to up to two thirds of London’s many bat species. However, more work needs to be done to understand their behaviours, the potential risk posed by urban development, and the opportunities for community engagement in monitoring.

The research could first seek to understand the wider research around urban bat populations. An investigation into the monitoring approach currently employed by the organisation (mostly active methods) could involve a comparison to alternative monitoring methods deployed previously on only a small scale (passive methods) would be welcome. An approach which involves existing community groups into the monitoring activities and evaluates the impact of participatory research on wellbeing and community would also be welcome.

Research outputs will include:
Quantitative: comparison of bat monitoring approaches.
Qualitative: literature review, community experience in monitoring.
Impact of idea
The monitoring work would strengthen the study into roosting behaviours and foraging routes, two key areas of understanding that would help form the evidence-base for conservation and inform future protective measures. It is hoped that the research will also be used to influence planning, by demonstrating the ecological richness of urban spaces, particularly those in the scope of rapid urban development. Considering also the impact on wellbeing of community participation, this can demonstrate the positive impact of the organisation’s current activities.

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Application process
Application criteria
The applicant should have an interest and ideally a background in ecology. It would be advantageous to have the following qualities, skills or experience: critical analysis, wildlife monitoring/field work experience, community engagement.
DBS needed
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?
Disabilities information
Depends on disability.