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Idea for research
Idea for research
EcoCounts has been set up to encourage people to feel able to go green, be more sustainable, be more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint as they go about their everyday lives, connecting in small groups of like-minded people. The project wants to explore and understand the motivations and factors that drive their use of environmental apps, specifically those designed to track and encourage reduction of carbon emissions. We want to understand the impact of these apps on how individuals feel about climate change and whether the group dynamic is important to them with reference to the app. The research results can be qualitative , e.g. from conducting in-depth interviews with individuals in the community to explore and understand the issues, in particular in relation to group membership and the sense of encouragement and benefit that this could bring.
Impact of idea
The goal is making sustainable living both fulfilling and socially engaging. This research will be a valuable asset to help create an app that truly resonates with users and not only addresses the unique interests and concerns of them but also offers tangible rewards for their engagement.
We would like to gather qualitative information: interviews with 15-20 people, minimum.

The goal is to have deeper insights on what motivates people to use Carbon Tracking Apps and ways to make those apps more interesting for the public. Moreover, the impact of using such apps on users in terms of how they feel about climate change and their everyday decisions and lifestyles. Also their attitude to group achievements. Would people be put off by information from their peers using such apps, would they become competitive, would they fear for privacy of their data etc.

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