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This year a selection of Clubs and Societies ran online elections alongside the Student Leader Elections. The first cycle of these is complete - with more nominations opening on Monday 12 March. The results are below.

To view the results from Cycle Two please click here.

AIESEC Society

President: Geyin Lee.  Detailed Results

American Society

Treasurer: Aditya Chugh.  Detailed Results

Artificial Intelligence Society

President: Livia Ng.  Detailed Results

Treasurer: Aaliya Manji. Detailed Results

Austrian Society

President: Hans Maz Spohn. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Clemens Blab.  Detailed Results

Biopharma Society

President: Yan Chong.  Detailed Results

Coffee Society

President: Elan Gadit. Detailed Results

Consulting Society

President: Teddy Favre-Gilly. Detailed Results

Cypriot & Hellenic Society

President: Michalis Hapides. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Michalis Kalakoutas. Detailed Results

Diplomacy in Action Society:

President: Saoirse McGilligan. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Polina Mykhalchyk. Detailed Results

Effective Altruism Society:

President: Ashley Reid. Detailed Results

Floorball Club:

President: Seungmin Son. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Kristin Low. Detailed Results

Folk Society:

President: Hugo Dodsworth. Detailed Results

Treasurer:  Isaac Mikhail. Detailed Results

Football Club (Men’s):

President: Max Tyson. Detailed Results

Treasurer: George Hick. Detailed Results

Gender & Feminism Society:

President: Martha Hamilton. Detailed Results

Hiking and Walking Club:

President: Alice Carty. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Cameron Birch. Detailed Results

Horse Riding Club:

President: Iona Cunningham-Eurich. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Christine McNally. Detailed Results

Indonesian Society:

President: Maxine Setiawan. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Miguel Mangunpratomo. Detailed Results

Iranian Society:

President: Melody Talachi-Langroudi. Detailed Results

Jitsu Club:

President: Deniz Sezer. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Oliver Bennett. Detailed Results

Kendo Club:

President: Brandon Lim. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Si (Anthony) Lei. Detailed Results

Liberal Democrat Society:

President: Tristan Inglesfield. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Maximilian Traeger. Detailed Results

Marxist Society:

President: Nicolas Oung. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Dora Dimitrova. Detailed Results

Mindful Society:

Treasurer: Emily Craste. Detailed Results



Model United Nations Society:

President: Maria Slobodina. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Aditya Ramani. Detailed Results

Modo Fashion Society:

President: Anna Savelyava. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Jeremy Yao. Detailed Results

Pi Media Society:

President: Uri Inspector. Detailed Results

Pole Fitness Club:

President: Naomi Michali. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Katharina Zuhlsdorff. Detailed Results

Portuguese Speaking Society:

President: Valentina Issler. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Mylene da Silva. Detailed Results

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society:

President: Hannah Jones. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Lewis Moffat. Detailed Results

Sign Language Society:

President: Nicole Ooi. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Simran Rai. Detailed Results

Snooker and Pool Club:

President: Lukas Kofler. Detailed Results

Swiss Society:

President: Violette de Poix. Detailed Results

Technology Society:

President: Sidak Pasricha. Detailed Results

Tennis Club:

President: Katy Darke. Detailed Results

Treasurer: James Ray. Detailed Results

Unicef Society:

Treasurer: Carmen Wing. Detailed Results

Vegetarian and Vegan Society:

President: Anastasia Cavallo. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Sarah Trattles. Detailed Results

Workers Liberty Society:

President: Justine Canady. Detailed Results

Yoga & Meditation Society:

President: Julia Geppert. Detailed Results

Treasurer: Katarina Brlec. Detailed Results