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This year a selection of Clubs and Societies ran online elections alongside the Student Leader Elections. The first cycle of these is complete and you can view these here. The Cycle Two results are below.

AIESEC Society

Treasurer: Choon Wee.  Detailed Results.

American Society

President: Emily Chou.  Detailed Results.

Beekeeping Society

President: Sarah Raby Buck.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Oliver Hernandez.  Detailed Results.

Biopharma Society

Treasurer: David Chew.  Detailed Results.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

President: Patrick Haffmans.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Manos Spanadoukis.  Detailed Results.

Consulting Society

Treasurer: Gabriel Fonteneau.  Detailed Results.

Ecuadorian Society

President: Edgar Zurita.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Erick Paredes Cedeno.  Detailed Results.

Film Society

President: Misan Aviomoh.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer:  Demi Hao. Detailed Results.

Gender & Feminism Society

Treasurer: Elaine Hong.  Detailed Results.

Hindu Society

President: Rahul Patel.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Haimini Vencatasawmy.  Detailed Results.

International Relations Society

President: Luke Parris.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Joseph Frere-Scott.  Detailed Results.

Iranian Society

Treasurer: Sara Seylani.  Detailed Results.

Magic Society

President: Yonatan Lavi.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Christie Hemsley.  Detailed Results.

Mexican Society

President: Omar Valazquez.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Diana Jimenez.  Detailed Results.

Museums Society

President: Christie Wong.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Tonia Lawes.  Detailed Results.

Pakistan Society

President: Bakhraver Mohammad.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Hashim Khan.  Detailed Results.

Robotics Society

President: Felipe O’Donnell. Detailed Results.


Skateboarding Club

President: Matthew Butler.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Finley Kamen.  Detailed Results.

Sri Lankan Society

President: Uvini Edirisinghe.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Lehana Silva.  Detailed Results.

Surf Club

President: Rosa Caminal.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Samantha Halsall.  Detailed Results.

Taekwondo Club

President: Isaac Aristidou.  Detailed Results.

Treasurer: Anita Dobo.  Detailed Results.

Technology Society

Treasurer: Kimia Pirouzkia.  Detailed Results.

UNICEF Society

President: Jiah Lee.  Detailed Results.