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This Union Notes:

  1. The Hidden Marks report, published in March 2010 by the NUS Women’s Campaign, revealed that 68% of women students have experienced sexual harassment while a student at their current institution1. Many women students reported experiencing persistent harassment in pubs and club nights of the type held by many unions both on and off university grounds.
  2. That the definition of sexual harassment is as follows: a. The defining characteristics of sexual harassment are that it is unwanted and/or persistent behaviour of a sexual nature. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include: b. Unwanted sexual comments (including comments about your body or private life) c. Unwelcome sexual invitations, innuendos, and offensive gestures d. Wolf whistling, catcalling, or offensive sexual noises e. Groping, pinching or smacking of your body, such as your bottom or breasts f. Having your clothing tugged, pulled or lifted without your consent g. Someone exposing their sexual organs to you without your consent

  3. The Zero Tolerance Campaign2aims to help unions create an environment where all students are able to enjoy the University, Union and any events these institutions run without experiencing, fearing or expecting sexual harassment as defined above.

  4. That a number of Students’ Unions including Cardiff and Goldsmiths have already successfully implemented a Zero Tolerance policy in their union.



This Union Believes:

  1. That no student at UCL should be forced to tolerate sexual harassment, and that action must be taken to ensure that all students are able to enjoy the University, Union and any events these institutions run without experiencing sexual harassment.
  2. That sexual harassment should not be tolerated by the union, and those that commit acts of sexual harassment should be stopped and disciplined for their actions.

This Union Resolves:

  1. To adopt a ‘Zero Tolerance to sexual harassment’ policy and to work with the NUS Women’s Campaign to implement this.

  2. To adopt the below plan of action for the implementation of the zero tolerance policy at UCLU. a. Plan of action: b. Work with the Welfare and International Officer to help produce materials and increase visibility of the campaign c. Identify a clear path for those who wish to complain about and/or report cases of sexual harassment d. Speak to security and bar staff at the union to identify and deal with sexual harassment in accordance with this policy (i.e. disciplinary actions) e. Run a poster and leaflet campaign, including use of NUS materials, to: f. recognise all types of sexual harassment g. Ensure that they are aware of methods of dealing with and reporting sexual harassment h. Provide material for the Democracy and Communications Officer to post on the UCLU website under the campaigns section, so people are aware that the campaign is running, and what it entails i. Use material from websites such as to raise awareness of violence of a sexual nature towards students j. Raise the campaign at both the Women’s Forum and the Community Forum