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The annual Education Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and students and their contributions to our learning community through the following awards:

Student Choice Awards

The Student Choice Awards give students the chance to thank members of staff who have inspired and supported them during their time at UCL, letting these staff members know that their hard work makes a difference. There are 8 different award categories, covering a variety of areas and enabling a wide range of both teaching and non-teaching staff to be nominated. 

This year 1,267 nominations were submitted covering over 700 individual members of staff. A list of all staff who received a nomination can be found on our Roll of Honour webpage.

From these nominations, our panel of students has chosen 3 staff members to be shortlisted for each category, with a winner selected from this shortlist of 3. The award winners will be announced from Wednesday 10 June. 

The 24 inspirational staff members who have been shortlisted are:

Active Student Partnership

  • Amanda Cain - Principal Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Declan Clear - Student Experience and Wellbeing Officer, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Klara Olofsdotter Otis - PhD Programme Coordinator, Faculty of Life Sciences

Amazing Support Staff

  • Ian Evans - Teaching and Learning Administrator, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Kathryn Ball - Biological Sciences Teaching Administrator, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Stefanie Anyadi - Teaching and Learning Team Manager, Faculty of Brain Sciences

Brilliant Research-based Education

  • Ad Neeleman - Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Brain Sciences
  • Rana Khalife - Senior Teacing Fellow, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Tim Gibbs - Lecturer in African History, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Diverse & Inclusive Education

  • Anson Mackay - Professor, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
  • Beverley Butler - Reader in Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
  • Jenny McArthur - Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Excellent Personal Tutoring

  • Alireza Mani - Principal Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Angela Cooper - Teaching Fellow, Institute of Education
  • Nikolitsa Nomikou - Associate Professor, Faculty of Medical Sciences 

Exceptional Feedback

  • Chris Yates - Lecturer in International Education, Institute of Education
  • Dr Keri Wong - Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Education 
  • Dr Mark KristiansenSenior Teaching Fellow / UCL Genomics Facility Manager, Faculty of Population Health Sciences 

Inspiring Teaching Delivery

  • Dr Caine Rolleston - Associate Professor for Education and International Development, Institute of Education 
  • Manzur Rashid - Senior Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Engineering Sciences 
  • Ramin Nassehi - Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Outstanding Research Supervision

  • Dr Jennie Golding - Associate Professor for Mathematics Education, Institute of Education
  • Karen Edge - Reader in Educational Leadership, Institute of Education
  • Kaśka Porayska-Pomsta - Professor of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Institute of Education

UCL Provost Education Awards

Each of these nominees have been awarded a UCL Education Award by their Faculty.

Exceptional individuals and teams receive the Provost’s Education Award. 

These recognise staff making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

Arts & Humanities

  • Clare Lewis, BASc
  • Stacy Hackner, UCL Institute of Archaeology and BASc
  • Antony Makrinos, Department of Greek and Latin
  • Fiachra Mac Góráin, Department of Greek and Latin

Built Environment (The Bartlett)

  • Jenny Post, Bartlett School of Planning
  • Michelle Shipworth, UCL ISR
  • Tse-Hui Teh, Bartlett School of Planning UCL Careers
  • Thomas Oléron Evans, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


  • Claire Prescott, Ruhana Begum, Maria Vaughan, Satinder Bhamra, Bartlett School of Construction and Project Mgt

Brain Sciences

  • Jo Billings, Division of Psychiatry


  • Katie Fisher, Stephanie Lazzaro, Alastair McClelland, Daniel Richardson,Miles Tufft, Experimental Psychology

Engineering Sciences

  • Irina Brass, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy
  • Niamh Mac Fhionnlaoich, Chemical Engineering
  • Leonie Tanczer, STEaPP (Dept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy)
  • Marc-Olivier Coppens, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Pilar Garcia-Souto, Medical Physics & Biometrical Engineering

Institute of Education

  • Esmé Glauert, Learning and Leadership 
  • Susan Taylor, Centre for Doctoral Education


  • ALT Team - Zsófia Demjen, Jim McKinley, Ana Pellicer Sanchez, Alfonso del Percio and Kazuya Saito, Culture, Communication and Media


  • Anna Donovan
  • Paul Burgess


  • Rachel Knowles, Catriona Macdonald, Thul Khan, Sarah Joy, Jennifer Akinola, Sonia Kalsi, Dr Jacqui Kinghan, Shiva Riahi, UCL Centre For Access to Justice

Medical Sciences

  • Adam Paige, Cancer Institute


  • Taylor Bennie, Faye Gishen, Katie Wardle, Tor Wright, Daniel Ntuiabane, UCL Medical School
  • Alvena Kureshi, Darren Player, Zahra Mohri, Tope Oyelade, Atalanta Hersey, Stephanie McColl and Samir Nuseibeh, Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Stephen Potts, Chemistry
  • Stan Zochowski, Physics & Astronomy
  • Thomas Baird, Earth Sciences
  • Gavin Esler, Mathematics
  • Cristiano Turbil, Department of Science and Technology Studies


  • Education Support Team – Physics and Astronomy: Selina Lovell, Helen Copeland, Ryan Edmonds, Sadia Begum, Annalisa Medici, Nadia Waller, Physics and Astronomy

Population Health Sciences

  • Anne Peasey, Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Jane Gilmour, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


  • Heather Bailey, Nigel Field, Maryam Shahmanesh, UCL Institute for Global Health

Social & Historical Sciences

  • Jeffrey Howard, Department of Political Science
  • Tom O’Grady, Department of Political Science
  • Helen Brown Coverdale, Department of Political Science
  • Silvia Sarpietro, Economics
  • Tatiana Thieme, Geography


  • Bill Sillar, Mark Roberts, Charlotte Frearson, Judy Medrington, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Central Services

  • Marie Xypaki, UCL Culture and UCL Arena Centre

Academic Rep of the Year Award

Every year Academic Reps across UCL are responsible for hundreds of changes, big and small, that make UCL a better place. The Academic Rep of the Year Awards celebrate those reps who went the extra mile to represent students, and have worked with staff to make student’s academic experience better.

A record 279 nominations were submitted for these awards, recognising 113 individual academic reps. A panel made up of UCL staff and student representatives will be meeting by the end of May to recognise one student in every UCL Faculty, as well as an overall Academic Rep of the Year winner, which will be announced from Wednesday 10 June.  

The Academic Reps who received a nomination within each faculty are as follows:

Arts & Humanities

Ambreen Shaikh, Brittany Eldridge, Daniel Brennan, Douglas Kennedy, Hannah Bunt, Izabella Wodzka, Jessica Hannah, Katherine Forster, Kitty Cooke, Monika Kovacheva, Pei Kong, Philip Rouse, Robert Wilding, Sophie Berman

Built Environment (The Bartlett)

Alexia Koch, Anping Zhang, Betty Chavez & Marwah Osama, Claudia Hitzeroth & Aymeric Amand, Fanfan Miao, Malak Nagib, Mohamad El Daouk, Renske Aussems, Silvia Velasco Arellano, Theo Wright, Tishauna Mullings, Tsz Man Yuen, Vasiliki Panagiotidou, Yangtao Ma

Brain Sciences

Alexandra Badaoui, Alexandre Marion, Anand Kukadia, Anna Mallach, Ekaterina Stoilova, Ellis Langford, Emily Behrends, Kai Sheng Loh, Nessrin Younes, Osuji Adaobi Elizabeth, Rebecca Murphy, Sabine Topf

Engineering Sciences

Adrian Matei, Ali Reyazat, Ashani Serra, Haoyang Shen, Jade Krishna, Ka Yan Kwok, Laura Brown, Lena Rowe, Rajesh Goyal, Sumaya Ali, Tsvetina Chelebieva, Zvezdin Besarabov

Institute of Education

Chun-Yuan Hu, Clare Barclay, Constance Iloghalu, David Ruttenberg, Eleanor Booth, Faisal Ali, Fotini Diamantidaki, Haiying Liang, Kafi Zafar, Katherine Riding, Linda Larbi, Lloyd Hendon-John, Longlin Niu, Lydia Shacklock & Hee-Eon Na, Ping Zhu, Reiko Naka, Sally Swift (Wightman), Xianda He, Yang Shen


Aishwarya K Shaji, John Choi Ching Jack

Life Sciences

Alexandra Gilbert, Annum Abbas, Matthew Hazell, Rahma Abdelmonem, Shail Bhatt, Sofie Randles

Medical Sciences

Akanksha Srivastava, Anush Shashidhara, Daniel Ntuiabane, Maria Florez-Martin, Ruth Gross, Somar Albani, Taylor Flaherty, Yousif Ali

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Ane Gundersen, Assia Wirth, Daniel Gold, Espen Bergqvist, Florian van Citters, Kate Wang, Laura Sanchez Perez, Lou Durand Dit Lennad, Manasvee Saraf, Mansi Baguant, Martha Jennings

Population Health Sciences

Ali Alhawaj, Baneen Alhmoud, Elisabeth Robinson, Heather Gunn, Miyola Cia Fernandes

Social & Historical Sciences

Aleksandra Kaye, Christina Zimmermann, Gauranga Purohit, Iona Song, Katie O’Shea Hussey, Lorenzo Faggiano, Muhammad ‘Adam’ Atcha, Noor Attar, Sam Barnes, Valentina Arroyave