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London really knows how to do Christmas (have you been to Oxford Circus or Regents Street?). It’s that special time of the year when the whole city is covered in lights, mulled wine seeps out of every bar and club and you can’t escape the mince pies (funnily enough, they don’t contain any meat!). In the words of our man Kanye West, it’s that time of the year when we “turn up the lights in here”.  

But not everyone’s managed to get the hang of it, so make you feel better about your own bits of tinsel and baubles around a potted tree, we’ve got some high-lights of some of the saddest looking Christmas lights and trees.

What do you think of the festive sheep in Cricklewood? 


And in Holloway there’s lights and if you look close enough, there’s a festive looking tree on the left, behind the bus shelter.


Can trees be criminals? Maybe? Here’s one that’s behind bars, probably to protect the public from the assault of the little bits of bauble cards, or rather to stop people bumping into the tree.


We mentioned that Oxford Circus really knew how to do Christmas lights, but maybe it’s all about angles with these things because here’s one perspective…


Okay, yep, it’s the angles and a good quality camera - here’s what Oxford Street looks like from another angle! It’s also really close by, about a 10-minute walk from the main campus, so if you’re nearby just pop in and have a look! There are also sales on everywhere, so grab a bargain and watch some pretty lights.


Is this real life? Is this fantasy? Nope, it’s Carnaby London! Again, this is nearby and if you’re a fan of Queen, they’ve got Freddie Mercury’s lyrics shining bright along the street.


I can see angels… in Regents Street


Looking for something different? There’s a Light Maze in Wembley that’s ready for you to explore and get a little lost in!


If you’ve got pictures of some sad, and not so sad, looking Christmas decorations then send it to us on Twitter: @TheUnionUCL or tag us on Instagram: @studentsunionucl