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In 2019, Discussions about sustainability and the future of the human species seem more important than ever. On this topic you are never far from a discussion on veganism and plant-based diets. Whether you are taking part in Veganuary or want to know more about Vegansim, the Vegan & Vegetarian Society is a great place to start!

A recent study that students are 6 times more likely to be vegan than their parents and almost half of all young people say they are concerned about the environmental impact of food. Veganism has come a long way in 2018 and is slowly becoming mainstream. However, cafes around campus still lack attractive choices if you are a flexitarian or vegan.

Vegan diets can cut food related carbon emissions by 70% and is 18 times more efficient in land use. So how can vegan food be the norm and not the exception?

50by2020, a campaign to have at least 50% vegan food on Campus by 2020. It is one step forward in a direction to normalise veganism. We want to make vegan food more prominent on displays, more and better tasting vegan options, encourage student societies to have vegan menus for their socials. This is all very achievable! 

The amount of carbon savings in UCL would be like planting 100,000 trees just in the first year.

Get involved by following the hashtag #50by2020 or finding the UCL Vegan & Vegetarian society on social media. We are running a campaign launch event on the 28th January with guest speakers, Ondrej Matej and Leila Deghan (both professional Nutritionists). See Facebook for details.