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We would like to welcome you to join a brand new free online skills session on: Stress Management.

This bespoke online skills session will take place on Wednesday 29th May 2024, from 1pm-3pm. The session is designed by Up Skill 4 Life to develop your understanding of stress, how to manage and overcome behavioural barriers and explore ways to boost your wellbeing. 

It will be delivered by Jonathan Day, Founder and Learning & Development Consultant at Up Skill 4 Life.

Established in 2009, Up Skill 4 Life specialises in skills based training with a particular focus on leadership, management & early careers development. Jonathan has been fortunate enough to partner with an incredibly diverse client base; across the business, not-for-profit and university sectors. This places Jonathan in the unique position of both developing and learning from, many different teams, leaders and cultures.

In this session we will cover:

  • Identifying the causes, signs & impact of stress
  • Eustress Vs Distress: recognising positive & negative types of stress
  • Understanding burnout – what does this look like for you?
  • Challenging toxic behaviours to help build/sustain a wellbeing culture
  • Exploring strategies to enhance your physical wellbeing
  • Empowered thinking – reframing how you react to stressful situations
  • Overcoming your barriers to behavioural change

Please only buy a ticket if you can attend so that you don't prevent other students from booking a space.

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly