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As a PGT, have you ever wanted to facilitate a debate in class but not known how to create a good environment for the discussion. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the art of facilitation to help create balanced debates. You'll discover how to create safe spaces where people with different opinions can respectfully challenge each other and, most importantly, learn from one another. Join us to master the skills for fostering healthy, productive discussions. 

What you'll learn:

  • Learning the art of facilitation to cultivate a balanced debate 

  • Staying neutral – how to ensure that you’re not taking sides 

  • Navigating power dynamics to ensure everyone is engaged & heard 

  • Enhancing your listening skills with authentic curiosity 

  • Keeping the debate on track – timings, objectives, balanced debate & flexibility 

  • Creating a psychologically safe environment that allows everyone to contribute 

  • Knowing the boundaries – ensuring speakers don’t incite violence & hatred 

  • Knowing when & how to challenge inappropriate behaviour 

  • Creating a pathway for the future – focussing on practical solutions 

What you'll do:

  • Interactive group activities & practical exercises 

  • Group discussions 

  • Individual activities 

  • Feedback & peer to peer reviews 

  • Tutor insights  

What you'll get out of it: An increased confidence to facilitate debates on a range of topics and between those with differing views.  


Other useful information: 

These workshops will be delivered by Jonathan Day, Founder and Learning & Development Consultant at Up Skill 4 Life ( Established in 2009, Up Skill 4 Life specialises in skills based training with a particular focus on leadership, management & early careers development. Jonathan has been fortunate enough to partner with an incredibly diverse client base; across the business, not-for-profit and university sectors. This places Jonathan in the unique position of both developing and learning from, many different teams, leaders and cultures. Jonathan’s philosophy towards training workshop design & delivery is simple – it should always be agile to a group’s needs, interactive and Never Use Slides. 


Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly