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The Volunteering team exists to connect UCL with London’s voluntary and community sector, primarily by engaging students in rewarding volunteering and other engaged opportunities. We offer a volunteering brokerage, a student-led volunteering programme, co-created research opportunities, organise events and help UCL departments connect their students with course-relevant engaged opportunities.

Students can make the most of their time at UCL and benefit society at the same time, through classic volunteering, developing their own volunteering project, or coproducing research with a non-profit Partner.

Oliver Peachey (he/him)

Oliver manages our partnerships, working closely with UK-based not-for-profits and colleagues across the SU and UCL to provide our students with a wide range of safe and meaningful external volunteering opportunities to make the most of their UCL time! 

All community partnerships and ensuing opportunities through his team are vetted and pre-approved before they get promoted – and Oliver is responsible for ensuring systems are in place and all opportunities are promoted well to ensure the pathways to volunteering are as clear and accessible as they can be. 

Oliver’s projects include our Social Hackathons programme and Charity Consultancy Challenge – that both engage students in distinct short-term, high-impact volunteering activities each year. 

Csenge Gabeli

Csenge Gabeli (she/her)

Csenge join the team in June 2022. She is responsible for supporting our internal and external partnerships, with a particular focus on coordinating our marketing and communications activities, coordinating our one-off events programme and arranging our events with stakeholders both on and off campus.  She manages two student Administrative Assistants. Csenge's projects include coordinating the Volunteering Fairs, a marketplace for students to find volunteer opportunities.

Yasmin Jiang (she/they)

Yasmin is our newest member of the team and will focus on good relationships with micro- to small-sized voluntary organisations and will take a community engagement approach. This means working with organisations to find out what they need and we'll turn that into student opportunities. Win win!


Cynthia Allen (she/her)

Cynthia joined the Volunteering Service in 2013.  She is responsible for managing and developing the successful programme of support for student-led volunteering, as well as supporting a caseload of student-led projects.

Anjumon Ali

Anjumon Ali (she/her)

Anjumon joined the Volunteering Service in March 2022.  She is responsible for supporting the development and delivery of the team's programme of student-led volunteering, as well as supporting a caseload of student projects.

Santiago Torchiaro

Santiago Torchiaro (he/him)

Santiago joined the Volunteering Service in October 2020.  He is responsible for supporting the successful programme of support for student-led volunteering, as well as supporting the wider administrative workload of the team.

Molly McCabe (she/they)

Molly is responsible for managing the Community Research Initiative for Students (CRIS). CRIS seeks to encourage engaged research between the communities within which UCL sits and its students. This is done through supporting master's students to collaborate during their dissertations with community partners.

Martin Rodriguez (he/him) & Aliza Kabani (she/her)

We are delighted to be joined during 2023-24 by Martin and Aliza who work alongside Molly to coproduce with local micro- and small non-profits organisations projects briefs for UCL's student community. They are our first ever Student Community Consultants.

Admin support

We are ably supported by our fantastic team of student staff. Working alongside their studies, Sarah, Cemal, Carolina, and Clarissa are our admin support for 2023-24. Together, they manage follow-up correspondence to students and our partners, moderate opportunities, support our events and administer our records. 

They also play an active role in sourcing and generating content for our opportunities directories and working with volunteers to tell their stories.  You’ll be in contact with them as you engage with us to enquire about promotion, opportunities and our activities.

Email: [email protected] for Sarah and Cemal; [email protected] for Carolina; or [email protected] for Clarissa

Anne Laybourne (she/her)

Anne is currently Head of Volunteering. She leads on planning, strategy and evaluation and liaises with UCL about potential new areas of work.