Students can sometimes neglect their health and wellbeing - maybe you're studying too hard, not eating enough fresh meals or burning the candle at both ends. 

Here's some advice that you might find helpful for looking after your mental and physical health. 

Studying whilst also juggling responsibilities as a parent or carer can be a real challenge. We have therefore collated some advice and resources that you may find useful during your studies.

Our service is on hand to provide support to student sex workers, and can provide advice if you are facing discrimination or negative judgements from UCL staff members.

Find the health and wellbeing being services located near UCL's main campus.

Being a student can bring about many changes, and coping with new challenges may have an impact on your mental health. Here at the Union, we don't offer a full mental health support service, but we do have a directory of support services and resources which may be helpful.

Sexual health is a crucial part of your physical health. Find out where you can go if you contract an STI, need a pregnancy test, or just want some general advice and information on looking after your sexual health.