Make Change Happen

The Rep Elections take place in Term 1 every year and it is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference during your time at UCL. It's your chance to be the change-maker, the voice of your peers, and the driving force behind the improvements you want to see.

You can nominate yourself for roles such as Faculty Representatives, Hall Community Officers, Student Trustees, Club and Society Representatives and NUS Delegates.

In 2023 you can also nominate yourself for one of the following Student Officer positions - Research Students' Officer, Social Class & Mobility Officer, Trans Officer and UCL East Students' Officer.

You can apply for any roles which you identify with, or have a connection to – for example, if you self-define as someone from a low socio-economic background then you can apply to be the Social Class & Mobility Officer or if you live in UCL Student Accommodation, you can nominate yourself to be a Hall Community Officer for the Halls you live in.

What roles are available?

There are a variety of roles which you can vote for during Vote Week! Click on each of the boxes below to find out more information about each of the roles and their eligibility requirements.

Student Officers

Hall Community Officers

Faculty Representatives

Activities Representatives

Student Trustees

NUS Conference Delegate

Why voting matters

A new team of student leaders will be elected this week. 

It makes sense to choose who they are. They work for you after all, representing you to UCL.

You’re part of the UCL community, even if you haven’t always felt like it. By voting this week, you’ll have a say in what kind of community you’re part of.

The more students who vote, the more powerful student voices become. 

Elected students need your backing to make big changes. Get behind student power, just by voting.

Think about this year, now think about what you want to happen this year?

Key Dates

MIlestonedate (2023)Time
Nominations Open11 September09:00
Nominations Deadline
(Including Manifestos)
16 October12:00
Candidate Briefing17 October 16:30
Candidate Campaign
18 October16:30
Candidates Announced18 October
Campaigning Starts19 October 07:00
Voting Opens 23 October09:00
Deadline for Submitting Budgets27 October10:00
Voting Closes27 October 12:00
Deadline for Submitting Complaints27 October 13:00
Results Announcement27 October 18:30

Your questions answered

How do I nominate myself for a position?

Click here to nominate yourself for any of the positions. Nominations are open between 09:00 on Monday 11 September until 12:00 on Monday 16 October.

How do elections take place?

Campaigning will take place online and in-person. Candidates can share a manifesto to attract voters. Students will vote via a secure part of our website.

Will I get support during the election?

Yes, we have a staff team ready to help you! They can talk to you about different roles, how to reach potential voters and support you during voting week.

What happens if I win?

You will find out on Friday 27 October whether you have been successful. You will be invited to attend mandatory training on Saturday 28 October to prepare you for the Policy Zones which start from Monday 31 October onwards.

Who can vote for me?

Everyone who is eligible to stand for a position is able to vote for that position. Some positions, like NUS Delegate are open to all students and therefore all students will be able to vote. On the other hand, only Research students can nominate and vote in the Research Students' Officer election.

What are the rules?

In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. We have condensed them to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. The election rules can be found here.

How do I submit a complaint?

If you believe one of the election rules has been broken, you can submit an official complaint.

What are the time commitments? And will I be eligible for the role?

To see the eligibility requirements and time commitment for each role please review role descriptions above.

Will there be training and opportunities for development?

Yes, plenty. You will gain more experience just from being in the role. There will also be the opportunity to go to events and conferences relevant to your role as well as opportunities to work on projects that you are passionate about. All successful candidates will be required to attend mandatory training on Saturday 28 October 2023 (time and location tbc).

Where will the roles be based?

You can work from home, attend virtual events and in-person at our Bloomsbury and UCL East Campus. We also have an office at 25 Gordon Street where you are welcome to work.

How can I get further advice?

We're here to help - the first point of call will be our Elections team, you can reach them on [email protected] drop us an email and we'll get you speaking to the right people.

If you have any further questions about the elections then please contact our team at [email protected]