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Positions Available: 

Activities Reps: 

There’s 15 Activities Rep positions going. Activities Reps help shape and feedback changes to do with clubs and societies. You could be working to bring about more ecological changes in clubs and societies and reducing printing by increasing digital signage, or you could be working to affiliate departmental societies. 

The roles are as follows: Sports Non-portfolio representatives (x6), Societies representatives (x9) including a rep for Student Media, Performance Art, Non-Performance Art and Societies Non-Portfolio Rep (x6). 

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External Accommodation Officer

Someone needs to represent students living outside of halls. As an External Accommodation Officer you’ll be campaigning for adequate, affordable and accessible housing for UCL students and play a significant role in working towards better standards of housing for students in London.

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Faculty Representative

With roles for all levels (UG, PGT, PGr) and for all faculties, as a Faculty Rep you’ll get to work with your faculty, with other reps, with UCL and the Union to make your faculty provisions better. 

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Hall Representative

Hall Reps help build a sense of community by running activities in the halls they’re living in. You’ll also be advocating for better standards of living,  accessibility and affordability in your halls. 

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Student Trustee

This is a hugely important position that will give you access to the highest levels of decision-making and management within the Union. You’ll oversees all of the administrative and management of the Union including the governance and finances of the organisation.

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Trans Officer: 

Be the voice of trans students at UCL. Create and run campaigns on issues affecting the trans community at UCL and work alongside the LGBQ+ Officers to make sure the LGBTQ+ Network caters to all it’s member.

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