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Want to change something about your education or pass on feedback about your student experience?

Your Academic Representatives are a great place to start if you have an idea to shape your education!

We have different types of Academic Reps who work at course, department, and faculty level. They gather your opinions and work with staff at the university to act on your priorities and make your education better. 

Types of Reps

The different types of representatives do slightly different jobs: 

  • Course Representatives represent students on a taught programme of study, an undergraduate degree or a masters
  • Research Student Representatives represent groups of Postgraduate Research Students. 
  • Lead Department Representatives take on a role leading on representation in your department. 
  • Faculty Representatives are elected roles that represent students at the Faculty level. 

More detail about what these roles do is available here.

Find your Academic Representative

Academic Representatives for the upcoming academic year will be elected in Autumn 2019.