Academic Reps do one of the most important jobs in the Union: They ensure that students have a voice in their education.

Each month, we’re featuring your reps and the work they’re doing to improve UCL. If you have an idea about how to improve your course, your department, or UCL, you can contact your own Academic Rep using our Find Your Rep page.

March's Academic Rep of the Month: Terisha Ann Tan!

Terisha's work spanned three important pillars of Academic Representation: gathering and communicating feedback, seeking and sharing opportunities with her cohort, and organising community and welfare events.

Midway through the term, Terisha compiled comprehensive feedback for lecturers on what worked well and what didn't. She was able to alter some of the teaching delivery and clarify some of the examination requirements.

Terisha also worked to improve the accessibility of internship opportunities for her peers, which was necessary to validate their Master's degrees.

Lastly, Terisha has successfully co-organised a Lunar New Year social, which brought together course mates from all three pathways, which was a unique opportunity for everyone to hang out together.

Great work Terisha!

Terisha Ann Tan, MA Digital Media

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