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UCLU Women in Finance Society was founded in by two students who recognize the challenges of breaking into the financial industry as a young female graduate.
Anyone can see that there is a shortage of women in the financial world – we believe that with a little guidance and information, we can decrease this gap. UCLU Women in Finance aims to educate, equip and empower students through talks, workshops, and networking, and inspire confidence in fellow students. Our mission and goals are to:

• Maximise the career opportunities for female graduates through workshops, professional guidance, personal development, and emphasising the importance of networking
• Reduce the gender gap within, and bring diversity to, the finance and consulting industry
• Form close partnerships with Women in Business/Finance societies at the other top UK universities to increase our networking circle
• Create a platform/channel from which students can develop specific skills required for the sector they are interested in (e.g. Accounting, M&A, Consulting, Corporate Finance, etc.)
• Provide quality advice regarding internship applications: choosing sector, company, position, application writing, etc
• Create cooperation – not competition – among female students looking to enter the finance industry
• Maintain the highest caliber pool of talented female students from which banks and other financial institutions can source talent.
• Have fun! We want to capitalize on the fact that we have a focused and motivated network of female students who want to cooperate (even if they are “competing”) in order to succeed in their career in finance. Some of our socials include tours of Canary Wharf – the financial centre of London – and wine/chocolate tasting

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