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Bangla Society is back this year and aims to give you an amazing event filled year! 

Throughout the year we're set to hold some amazing social events: Ping Pong at Bounce, a collaborative games night with UCL Indian Society, our annual ice-skating at Somerset House, various dinners, interuniversity collaboration events and a Winter Boat Party collaboration with UCL Pakistan Society- to name just a few! We want you to integrate into University life here at UCL, help you make friends within the society and across the campus and provide you with great events for you to have a LIT time.

Moreover, we want to enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons. This is why we are putting on panel, discussion and informative events. Topics that will be discussed range from Youth Diaspora in collaboration with UCL Somali Society and an exhibition on the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War to take place in the UCL main cloisters, the first of its kind. Also for the first time we will be collaborating with Imperial and LSE Bangla Society for a Careers Fair. The event will expose you to different fields and will hopefully inspire you to achieve greatness. This is also a perfect networking opportunity as students will be able to learn about different opportunities and internships available. We also plan on launching a mentorship scheme, connecting our members with individuals in various industries who can help give advice on applying for jobs, interview skills and provide guidance in general. We at Bangla Society want to help you, not just in having a good time but also in building your future!    

Bangla Society have a strong desire to do something for our community beyond university. That is why we will be launching a brand new outreach programme. We will be working with the Surma Centre- a Bengali Workers’ Association that provides numerous services for the surrounding Bengali Community. We will be holding monthly sessions for the elderly, such as healthy living sessions and a games afternoon. We will also be working with their youth services, providing advice on university and exams.

However, our first event is, as always, the most anticipated and exciting event, the annual MEET AND GREET - the perfect opportunity to meet new people and find out everything you need to know about the society and how you can join in on the fun! Don't take this text as face value, come and talk to us (the committee) in person and find out what we are about, mingle with the (potential) members and come for a laugh!

Everyone is welcome in our society– whether you simply want to stay in touch with your own culture, learn about a new one, enjoy some amazing food, or just make great friends and have some fun!

SO, if you want to get involved and would like to buy your tickets for our events, then follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sign up to our mailing list and make sure you check out our website to learn more about the various schemes we have on offer for you to get involved with. Feel free to email us with any other questions you have. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!