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Since its foundation in 2016, the UCL Ex-Yugoslav Society aims at promoting the knowledge and understanding of the people, land, languages and cultures of the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo).

Each year, we take joy in organizing a broad range of social and cultural activities. Some of our annual events include tastings of local cuisine (Burek, Rakija, Wine & Cheese…), karaoke and movie nights, and much more! In addition to these fun get-togethers, we also work on keeping our members and wider audience informed on various political events, via our weekly newsletters and articles. On top of that, some of our events include educational talks on particular topics linked to the region. Last but not least, our job also consists in joining forces with other Eastern European student societies and organizations: partnerships are established with other societies, including those of UCL, some being from other London universities or even those established in other countries!

Be it with some nice Sarma, delicious Ćevapi or some Rakija, by buying your membership, you will either feel like at home, or have the chance to explore the cultures of the former Communist state. Don’t worry about not having an Ex-Yugoslav citizenship; we are more than happy in welcoming foreign students wishing to learn about the region!

If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our 2017/2018 Committee members:

  • President: Jaš Šemrl
  • Vice President: Ana Raffaelli
  • Treasurer: Niko Carić
  • Social Media Officer: Mila Redžić
  • Events Officers: Jakub Stepaniuk, Yll Buzoku

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