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Ever thought about running your own business? UCL Entrepreneurs is a society of students passionate about making that happen. We organise activities that fall into three simple categories that form a pipeline - to help you start your startup. Get prepared for freshers:

1. INSPIRE: Provide students frictionless access to a network of like-minded individuals. e.g. Speaker Events | UK Entrepreneur Society Meet-Ups | UCLE Moonshot Ideation | London Startup Fair | hatch London Hackathon | UCL Business Game | Bloomsbury Ventures 

2. CATALYSE: Develop students’ ideas into workable business models and plans. e.g. UCLE Bloomsbury Start Up Academy (Pre-Accelerator Programme) 

3. GROW: Turn students’ business models and plans into working Minimum Viable Products and provide the next step to becoming self-supported disruptors. e.g. UCLE Venture Capital Fund (Seed Capital) | Accelerator & VC Partnerships

UCLE Committee 2019/2020:

> President: Rowan Shah

> Vice-President: Lucie Polakova

> Treasurer: Kristina Kordova

> Director of Buisness Game: Patryk Sobczak

> Director of Marketing: Saloni Bathija 

> Director of Socials: Boldi Ergi 

> Director of Women In Tech: Sasha Lavrim 

> Director of VC: Masamba Senghore

> Director of Bloomsbury Start-Up Academy: Tom Gray 

> Director of Events: Rebecca Spagnoletto 

> Director of Outreach: Agata Sawicka

> Director of Partnerships: Parham Rakshanfar


Founded: 2007

UCLE is affiliated with the UCL Guild

UCLU Entrepeneurs Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.

Date established: