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The society aims to help all its members with any enquiries or problems they might have throughout the year, as well as, promoting the Cypriot and Hellenic culture through different social and volunteering events. We encourage students from all nationalities to join our society.

The main activities shall include:

  • Pre-departure metting (Deloitte Cyprus 30th of August 2018)
  • Orientation tour(within the first week)
  • Bar crawl
  • A trip abroad for the members of the society
  • Sport Events (Contact us to join our team Greek Gods)
  • Events at clubs
  • Volunteering/fundraiser events
  • Exposure to the Cypriot and Greek Culture (Taverna nights-Tsiknopempti)

For further information contact our Society members:

Michalis Hapides (President)

Michalis Kalakoutas (Treasurer)

Antonis Antoniou (Vice-President)

Nikolas PIpis (Secretary)

Alex Lambrou (Sports officer)

Eirini Stylianou (Events manager)

Estela Ioannidou (Web Master)

Matthew Ashikhin (Executive Strategy Coordinator)

Charalambos Toumazis (P.R.)

Avrilios Fantis (Greek Representative)