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UCLU Pole Fitness presents "Suspense"

Following last year’s sellout show ‘Cirque du Poleil’ UCLU Pole Fitness Society presents: “Suspense”

UCLU Pole Fitness Society returns for the third year running with their annual showcase, unveiling the intriguing world of aerial pole. Come along and prepare to be amazed by our sensational athletes as they demonstrate all they have learnt over the past year, from complete beginners to seasoned pole competitors.

UCLU Pole Fitness Win London Varsity Pole 2017!

It is certainly with great honour and pride to say that UCLU Pole Fitness Society are the official winners of London Pole Varsity 2017! With months worth of preparation, from auditioning, coaching, to the final touches on the day like make up and warm ups… it was definitely all work the liquid chalk, sweat and tears (from UCLU Pole President Radhika, who was so incredibly proud of her team)!