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Why are UCLU supporting National Vegetarian Week?

National Vegetarian Week provides a good opportunity to raise awareness of some of the benefits of eating less meat. This year, we’re focusing on how what we eat influences the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we’re personally responsible for.

Climate Justice - your stories and photographs wanted for a photographic exhibition

Does your home country (or home town in the UK) currently experience flooding, drought, heat waves, bushfires, glacial retreat, coastal inundation, or air pollution? Or is it projected to in the future under a changing climate?

18-25 with opinions to share on climate change? + £20 for your participation

COIN, the UK’s leading climate communications charity, and LSE’s Grantham Institute are looking for 18-25 year olds to take part in cutting edge research on their thoughts about climate change. COIN is offering £20 worth of music vouchers (or a £20 cash donation to your group or society) for your participation.