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Societies and Media

Societies and Media Manager - Carl Salton-Cox -

Come and talk to Carl if you are a society president and would like support with any ideas or initiatives, or challenges. Carl can also provide support for large scale events and help with any concerns you have about health & safety or the well being of your members. He looks after our External Speaker Process and can assist you with the running of your events, please get in touch with any queries you have.

Drop in: Wednesday 10am - 11am

Societies and Media Coordinator - Johnny Glover -

Come and talk to Johnny about society development, theatre allocation and productions society events and training. Johnny can provide further support and advice on funding or affiliation applications for new societies.

Societies Development Coordinator (Events) - Dan Fow  - 

Come and talk to Dan about running large scale events. Dan can also support on the events management processes, risk assessments for events and the Give it a Go Programme.       

 Drop in: Thursday 4pm-5pm  

Skills Development Coordinator - Rupinder Sandal - 

Come and speak to Rupinder about any of the upcoming Skills Sessions or Skills Development Opportunities.  

  Drop in: Wednesday 11am -12pm

Activities Administrator - Porshia Boafo - 

Come and speak to Porshia about general queries you may have.

Pop in as and when you need to (2nd Floor Office)

Team UCL

Sports Development Manager - Katie Sykes -

Come and talk to Katie about the TeamUCL Elite Athlete Programme, if you are sports club president who needs guidance on developing coaching opportunities in your club, the London Varsity Series or if you would like to know about becoming a trained coach or official. If you have any concerns about health & safety in your sports club or are faced with a challenging situation please get in touch.

Drop in : Thursday 9am-10am

Sports Development Coordinator 

Come and talk to Neil about developing new opportunities and improving your current activities within your sports club. Neil is responsible for the Team UCL newsletter and social media platforms.

Drop in : Monday 3pm-4pm

Friday 3pm-4pm 

Project Active Coordinator - Bikram Bains -

Come and talk to Bikram about how you can get active! If you are part of a club that wants to run a Project Active session, or if you think of something that could be included, get in touch. Bikram has an open door policy, so feel free to come talk.

Sports Administrator - Dennis Boatey-Watson -

Come and talk to Dennis about BUCS and LUSL competitions, travel reclaims and sports hall bookings. He is the main point of contact for Team Captains, weekly fixtures and individual championships.

Drop in : Monday 11am-12pm

Thursday 12pm-1pm

Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach - Tiahan Eeles -

Come and talk to Tiahan about performance teams within in your sports club and the Elite Athlete Training Programme. All sessions are currently based at Bloomsbury Fitness and cover a wide variety of sports. He works with the athletes to give structured S&C programmes including strength, power, injury rehabilitation and recovery sessions.

Drop in sessions

Drop in sessions are held in the small office by the Common Room, 2nd Floor, Bloomsbury Theatre Building. If you are attending the surgery hours you can drop in during the times above without booking a meeting.

These surgery hours are held every week (subject to staff availability).

Finance Drop in Hours 

For the remainder of Term 2, The Finance Surgery Drop Ins will continue to happen in the Societies Office on Level 2 Bloomsbury Building with Porshia. 

Porshia can help you with areas including:
• Statement queries
• Ticket Requests
• Credit card payments and Order requests
• Event budgets
• General financial queries

The Drop in times are weekly from: 

 Monday - 10am – 12am 

Tuesday – 3pm – 4pm  

*No drop in hours on Wednesday 

  Thursday – 11am – 1pm 

Friday 11-12pm