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On 14 May, Project Leaders attended the Volunteering Service’s ‘Thank You’ event and told us exactly what makes leading a project so special.

Before attending the event, one might think that it’s the free food and the prizes that makes project leading such an outstanding experience. But whether you win Amazon vouchers, amusement park tickets or an I-pad, everyone can agree that there is so much more to it.

Perhaps what makes project leading so special is the people you meet. Project Leaders told us about their experience as a team, the challenges they faced together and the wonderful variety of people they met all around London.

One might also say that it is the transferable skills you develop from project leading. What if you had spent weeks organising a talk and suddenly you realise, 15 minutes before the event starts, that there are no chairs in the room? Don’t panic, use your problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills, say the Project Leaders.

Being a Student Project Leader also means contributing ideas to the UCL Volunteering Service. After splitting into small groups, Project Leaders got a chance to evaluate the achievements and shortcomings of their year-long projects in order to make suggestions for improvement.  

Finally, all could agree that after a year of hard work, people’s gratitude was really what made a difference. A thank you is the best success indicator, and that was ultimately what the event was all about!

Written by Anais Fiault - UCL Photojournalist.

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