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Celebrating the huge impact and hard work of our members, the Sports Awards are the annual showcase of the best of Students’ Union UCL and our membership. The awards are designed to recognise the great work of our students and all Awards are nominated by students and decided by students. This year we’ll celebrate with you in our Digital Award ceremonies in May and June.

Save the date:
Sports Awards, Thursday 4 June 2020

Tune in here on the day to watch all of the action.

2020 Roll of honour

Captain of the Year

Isabel Dalgleish (Pole Fitness Club)

Charlie Graham (UCL Badminton Club)

Adam Sparkes (Fencing Club)

Simon Chen (Baseball Club)

Zimeng Wu (Lacrosse Club)

Sportsman of the Year

Man Kit Lee (Fencing Club)

Pavel Stech (Ultimate Frisbee Club)

Sportswoman of the Year

Zimeng Wu (Lacrosse Club and Snowsports Club)

Hannah Lising-White (UCL Rugby (Women’s Club)

Catriona McLain (Barbell Club)

Angelica Kristen Yeo (Ultimate Frisbee Club)

Isabel Keane (Snowsports Club)

Keziah Beattie (Fencing Club)

Volunteering Club of the Year

Pole Fitness

UCL Football (Women’s) Club

Taekwondo Club

Most Improved Club

RUMS Netball 1st Team

Cheerleading Club

Barbell Club

UCL/RUMS Hockey (Women’s) 1st Team

Basketball (Women’s) Club

UCL Badminton Club

Louis Carr Memorial Award

UCL Netball Club

UCL Hockey (Women’s) Club

UCL Football (Women’s) Club

UCL Hockey (Men’s) Club

Club of the Year

Pole Fitness Club

Fencing Club

RUMS Hockey (Women’s) Club

UCL Netball Club

UCL Hiking Club

Diversity and Inclusion

UCL Football (Women’s) Club

UCL Rugby (Women’s) Club

Fencing Club

Pole Fitness

Friends Cup

RUMS Netball 1st Team

UCL Badminton Club

Ultimate Frisbee (Women’s) Club

Fencing Club

Lacrosse Club

Mandy Walker Cup for Sports Personality of the Year


Megan Mckee

Sam Currie

Daniel Saleem Danish

Clara Baltay

Laura Dell’Antonio

Officer Award

Decided by the Activities Officer and relevant part time officer.
To be announced at Award ceremony.