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Your Role

You will be responsible for representing international students’ interests and specific needs within the Union, and work closely with the Sabbatical Welfare and International Officer to ensure that the interests and views of international students are represeted effectuively in  UCL decision making and at national level. You will help and advise in the running of International Student Orientation Programmes and plan events aimed at international students. You will be a key officer in making sure that students from all over the world feel welcomed and at home within the Union.

Your Responsibility

  • Represent the voices of international students at UCL within Students’ Union decision making.
  • Work with the Welfare and International Officer to ensure that the views and interests of international students are effectively represented in UCL decision making.
  • Help to build a strong community of interenaitonal students at UCL, including via creating and running events and social activities for international students, working with national societies where possible
  • Work pro-actively to improve the engagement of international students in Union activities and democracy
  • Work with the Welfare & International Officer to further develop the UCL International Students Orientation Programme
  • Convene the International Students’ Section
  • Be an active member of the Welfare and Community Zone

Your Eligibility

Any UCL student whose normal place of residence is outside of the UK

Time Required For Role

This is a part-time, unpaid position. You are expected to attend Welfare and Community Zone meetings and a range of additional events, approx. 10-15 hours per term. Job shares are welcome.