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Your Role

Lead the development of an engaging, dynamic and rewarding community of mature and part-time students and represent their interests and needs to the Union. Working with the Welfare and Community Officer, represent these collective interests to UCL and beyond.

Issues You May Work On

As a Student Officer, you will work closely with students and Sabbatical Officers. Issues may vary depending on student concern. However, previous Officers have worked on issues such as:

  • Community building and social events.
  • Networking and skills support.
  • Working with the Postgraduate Officer and the Welfare and Community Officer to lobby national government for more for funding mature students.

Meetings You Will Attend

  • Welfare and Community Zone – Five meetings throughout the year.

Your Eligibility

Any continuing UCL student who is registered as a part-time student at UCL or  began an undergraduate course after the age of 21, or a postgraduate course after the age of 24.

Time Required For Role

This is a part-time, unpaid position. You are expected to attend Welfare and Community Zone and a range of additional events, approx. 10-15 hours per term. This role allows job shares.

Key Dates


Deadline for nominations: Tuesday 2 March.
Candidate Briefing: Wednesday 3 March.
Deadline to submit manifesto: Tuesday 9 March.
Campaigning begins: Thursday 11 March.
Voting: 15-19 March.

Welcome and Training:

The role is supported by a full programme of training, development and support to help build all of the skills and knowledge required and to support longer term personal development.

Questions: email