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Your Role

Represent students’ priorities and interests to the Union relating to the environmental sustainability of the Union, UCL and wider student life. Working with the Union Affairs Officer, represent these priorities and interests to UCL and beyond, chair the Student Sustainability Council, develop an effective and engaged network of Student Sustainability Ambassadors, and contribute to the implementation of the Union’s Sustainability Strategy.

Issues You May Work On

As a Student Officer, you will work closely with students and Sabbatical Officers. Issues may vary depending on student concern. However, previous Officers have worked on issues such as:

  • Working with the Union Affairs Officer to support UCL and the Sustainable UCL team in developing and meeting its sustainability goals.
  • Pushing for Union events to be waste-neutral by forbidding the use of glowsticks or confetti.
  • Reducing the Union’s printing and implementing digital displays and brochures as an alternative.

Meetings You Will Attend

  • Welfare and Community Zone – Five meetings throughout the year
  • Union Executive – Eight meetings throughout the year
  • Finance Committee – Four meetings throughout the year

Your Eligibility

Any continuing UCL student.

Time Required For Role

This is a part-time, unpaid position. You are expected to attend Welfare and Community Zone and Union Executive meetings and a range of additional events, approx. 20 hours per term. Job shares are welcome.

Key Dates


Deadline for nominations: Tuesday 2 March.
Candidate Briefing: Wednesday 3 March.
Deadline to submit manifesto: Tuesday 9 March.
Campaigning begins: Thursday 11 March.
Voting: 15-19 March.

Welcome and Training:

The role is supported by a full programme of training, development and support to help build all of the skills and knowledge required and to support longer term personal development.

Questions: email