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TutorMe is a student-led volunteering project supported by Enactus UK. Our project aims to provide academic support by connecting UCL students with GCSE and A-Level pupils from UK schools and charities on a digital platform. Through online tutoring sessions, we aim to even the education playing field for 'underrepresented' groups such as young carers and students eligible for the government's free meal schemes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national lockdowns in the UK have greatly disrupted studies and worsened the educational attainment gap between these groups and their better-off peers. Almost half of pupils from these backgrounds are missing out as a result of the current situation and we aim to provide support in a range of subjects including maths, economics, English and science. 

By joining our project as a volunteer, you will be part of a greater social movement tackling educational inequality and elevating pupils' future aspirations. By offering free academic tutoring to disadvantaged pupils online once a week or on-demand, you can give support to pupils whose families otherwise cannot afford it. 

Interested? Express your interest and get in touch via our emails below! No previous experience required, all UCL students passionate about supporting young people are welcome.