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This is a volunteering project that UCL Lightning is organising with UCL Academy to introduce cheerleading to children from Yr7-Yr10. We want to give children the opportunity to discover cheerleading at a young age, considering it is a very expensive sport. Wouldn't we all had loved to start cheer much earlier!!

We will be offering weekly afternoon classes to UCL Academy students from January until March. This will be an amazing opportunity for all involved to gain experience in teaching and working with children, which can enhance their CV and give relevant experiences to talk about during interviews, as volunteering has become an important part of our daily life.

(Volunteers can potentially get a Level 2 cheerleading qualification too).

We encourage you to sign up as it will be a great and fun experience for all. You can also gain many transferable skills, whilst giving back to the community and helping others get into cheer, a sport that we all love, at a younger age.


Please note this volunteering project is open to members of UCL Cheerleading Club only - UCL Lightning. All participants must be current UCL students.


See what other students say about this project

"We taught children what cheerleading is about..."
Ginevra is a third year Linguistics student and Anastasija is a second year Economics and Business with EES student, together, they are Project Leaders for the UCL Helping Children Discover Cheerleading student-led project as part of the UCL Cheerleading Club.
"...it was a celebration of friendship, empowerment, and the joy of coming together as a community"
Spreading Cheer: A Day with UCL Lightning Helping Children Discover Cheerleading Student-Led Projectby Yalin