Project Impactive is building the future of assistive tech. 

The project name ‘Impactive’ originates from our aim, which is to have an impact on people’s lives by creating bespoke assistive technology and tackling accessibility issues in our society. Our dedicated voluntary team of engineers and committee members work alongside our clients and partners so that the projects we create can help them enjoy a more independent lifestyle that they are in control of. 

The immersion of our clients alongside our engineers in the design process allows the clients to take control of their situation and ensures that the final product will be optimised to the unique demands of their lifestyle. Examples of various assistive technology we have created range from wheelchair modifications to customised exercise equipment to accessories that ease the use of electronics. Our participatory design-led approach to solving accessibility issues has been praised and thus far, Project Impactive has won 4 awards like the Princess Diana Award in 2019 and we were one of the top 4 organisations shortlisted for the Mayor of London Volunteering Award

We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to aid them to be independent individuals, we can tackle the whole world's problems better, together. We are always looking for talented people who are interested in building a more accessible and inclusive future alongside us - so take a chance and apply for a role to make a tangible difference and impact lives around you!

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Project Impactive Leader
The Volunteering Service are looking for engineering students to run Project Impactive, one of our longstanding projects which designs and builds accessibility equipment for people with disabi

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"The best thing about volunteering is being able to give ideas... and seeing suggestions translate into tangible results!"
Farimah Beigi is a third year Biosciences student studying BSc Biochemistry - Molecular Biology. She shares her experience volunteering as a Marketing Executive for Project Impactive, with a particular focus on mental health for disabled individuals.
"It was the first time I had done something on this scale and it gave me the confidence to make similar things happen in the future!"
Aemilia is a third- year Chemical Engineering student at UCL and a Project Leader for Project Impactive. The experience has helped her connect to the UCL community in new ways and learn how to deal with situations of uncertainty.   
“Project Impactive has been a chance for me to give back and see the results.”
Volodymyr is an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance and tells us more about his experience leading Project Impactive.
"I wanted to be a project leader because I really felt connected to what Project Impactive is all about ..."
We had a lovely chat with Kimberley, who is in her third year of Biomedical Engineering studies, and she has been co-leading the SLP Project Impactive. If you want to know what leading a project is like, this is a great read, as Kimberley shares with us her experience, challenges, and some excellent advice!