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We aim to create an empowered community of refugees & students through collective learning at UCL. Linking UCL students with refugees between the ages of 16-25 years old, our volunteers provide help with English conversation and support them with developmental aspects such as applications for jobs or university.



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"And of course the most important thing is the wellbeing aspect: you feel that you are doing something great for others and yourself."
Salima shares her experience of the joys and challenges of teaching English to groups with whom you share no common language with.
The feeling of knowing that I am bettering myself through bettering others is unmatched.
Artemis is a second-year student studying Experimental Linguistics. We had a lovely chat about the work she has been doing to help Afghan refugees through a Student-Led Project, Impact Initiative.
"At university, we are in such a bubble. [...] Volunteering helps you step out and realise there is more to the world."
Lorraine is a second-year student pursuing her undergraduate degree in European Social and Political Studies. She is currently the Project Leader of Impact Initiative a Student-Led Project. Read on to find out how she finds the role of a leader and her experience with an SLP.Tell us a little about your volunteering
Volunteering with Afghan refugees: "it is always the highlight of my week to be part of such a warm, welcoming community."
Two teams of UCL student volunteers have been making a big difference through their work with newly arrived Afghan refugees living in temporary accommodation in Camden.The UCL Fun Team – who usually run play activities in local hospitals - have been keeping the Afghan children entertained and stimulated. Meanwhile, UCL Impact Initiative have been providing conversational English support for adult refugees.