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Are you appalled by the excessive amount of litter found around UCL and in London? Do you wish to do something about it?

Then this project is for you! Become a Green Walker by joining one of our litter-picking walks! As a team, we will work together to pick up litter around UCL once a month. All equipment is provided by us and we will brief you before each walk. This will be an opportunity to contribute to reduce the high levels of waste in the big city of London in a fun, original way. The walks will also give you the chance to get to know other volunteers that are interested in environmental issues!


See what other students say about this project

“It’s been great running this project and finding people with this common interest.”
Zeena Sa’Di is a final year law student, and one of the founders and project leaders of Green Walkers, a student-led volunteering project that goes around the Bloomsbury area in groups to pick up litter and promote pollution reduction. She spoke to us about why she started the project, what it’s been like starting something from scratch, and what she’s got out of it!
"It feels like we are doing something useful for the environment..."
Nuzulia is a postgraduate student doing an Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc at the Barlett School of Energy and Environmental Resources. During her year at UCL, she has done some volunteering work, including working with one of our Student-Led Projects, Green Walkers. Read more about her experience and learnings in this Profile Piece!