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Welcome to Kickstart — UCL Taekwondo’s very own volunteering project!!

Our project — 'Kickstart: Reloaded!', is designed to restart and evolve the pre-pandemic project that UCL Taekwondo began in 2019. The aim is to widen accessibility and share our love and knowledge of martial arts, for many young people who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to participate.

We plan to provide weekly after-school training sessions, based at Netley Primary School, for all students who are interested in learning Taekwondo. These will be delivered not only by our friendly, black-belt graded coaches, but also a number of our student members across various grades.

Just like in our training sessions — we welcome all skill levels, ages, abilities and disabilities – to provide the children with the confidence, self-control and sense of wellbeing that is ingrained within the art of Taekwondo.

Additionally, we aim to improve the children’s (and our) integration into the local community through a range of Taekwondo-related events and activities. We aspire to host an end-of-year Taekwondo showcase to not only uplift the students’ progress, but also inspire younger students to get involved next year!

See what other students say about this project

“I wanted to spread the spirit within the club out into the wider community”
Odile Lehnen is a second-year Science and Society student, and the Project Leader for Kickstart, a UCL Taekwondo-affiliated volunteering project. She came into the office to talk to us about why she started the project, the impact they’ve had, and what she got out of it.
"You can't really go wrong with volunteering!"
Beatrix Popa is a second year Electronic and Electrical Engineering student. This year, as part of the UCL Taekwondo Society, she participated in the club’s Student-Led Volunteering Project, Kickstart. Read on to see what it’s like to volunteer regularly as part of a project!