DanceIt! Is a Student-Led Volunteering Project which works in partnership with Holborn Community Association.  Volunteers lead dance classes specialising in a variety of styles, aimed specially for older participants.  The aim of the project is to spread our love of dance by having sessions with older people so that they can try out a broad range of dancing styles.  These sessions provide the participants with exercise and help to improve their mental health and wellbeing especially during periods where many are isolated.

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“Although we are cheering the participants on now, in that first session, they were cheering us"
I had a lovely chat with Maria about her student-led project called DanceIt! and what it is like being a project leader. Tell us little about yourself  
"I am very passionate about dance and I want to share this passion with more people..."
Aneeta is studying an MA in Film Studies and she volunteered with the Student-Led Project DanceIt! , which is part of the UCL Dance Society. Read more to find out her experience and the impact that volunteering has had on herself and on others.