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Welcome to Sexpression UCL

UCL Sexpression is part of the wider charity Sexpression UK; a non-profit organisation aiming to teach young people about relationships and sex, and empower them to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Whilst relationship and sex education has just become compulsory in schools, many young people may have missed out on inclusive and comprehensive sessions and we believe that through near peer teaching, we can encourage more people to participate in these sessions. 


We cover a range of topics including: 

  • Safer Sex & Contraception 
  • STIs and Testing
  • Bodily Changes
  • Healthy Relationships and Consent 
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 
  • Body Image and Stereotypes 


By volunteering with UCL Sexpression, you will:

  • Learn the content needed to teach sessions to young people 
  • Build on communication and teamwork skills 
  • Learn teaching and presentation skills 
  • Complete a teaching course (certificate provided)
  • Have opportunities to join the committee in future years, or the national board to directors of the charity